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GRE*GMCR/KEURIG 800-717-1951 VT


What is it?

Business Name: Green Mountain Coffee


Phone: 888-879-4627


my wife's amazon account got hacked and her bank account got fraudulent charges and she had a credit card of mine on there, where I found a fraudulent charge under the GRE*GMCR/KEURIG with same phone number as above. If you see this fraudulent charge double check all your amazon stuff just in case (seems to be associated with this fraud).

I'd like to point out that Keurig is not a scam company at all. I actually did order some coffee from them but didn't recognize the charge so I Googled it to find this. The website is legit, I guess there's just a lot of people using stolen credit card numbers to buy stuff from it.

I was also fraudulently charged for this! My CC company told me it was for a new coffee maker! Will post updates as this unfolds. Hopefully they catch these scumbags

This is the real customer service number


Had 2 fraudulent charges posted the same day. Never used this card for online purchases prior. I'm from Asia btw.

This co is definitely fraudulent. I have report this to my financial co. to look into the fraudulent transaction.

I've received the monthly bill from Citycard today and charged over $500 from this GRE GMCR/KEURIG! that I never purchased. What?? I'm japanese living in Japan. I sometimes purchase from Amazon.usa, etsy(by paypal account or mycredit card), etc from overseas. But I've never purchased this coffee things. My credit card company has started investigation but I have to pay first until they finished their investigation. I make my card cancelled and going to get new card. I'm so shocked! Doesn't this coffee company have any questions about these fraud??

I received my credit card bill with this unknown charge GRE*GMCR/KEURIG, did a google search and it brought me here.

I'm from Singapore, so it's obvious that this fraud is world wide! Be careful guys!

I entered a dispute officially and my cc banker made the calls while I was on the phone with this company. I have not done business with this company and there were two different 'divisions' that we had to talk to -- no record of me in the system. My bank is taking care of this for me. p.s., I do not order from Ebay so that link doesn't exist for me. Thank you to everyone who posted -- it encouraged me to call my credit card people first and when they took it over to call the company with me also on the line, I felt reassured.

Got three charges in 6 days from GRE*GMCR/KEURIG totalling $430.38--never heard of them. Immediately cancelled my credit card (Citi Visa) and new card being issued. No questions or problems with the bank at all to have charges reversed. I think they are familiar with this company's scam. No idea how GRE got a hold of me, except I do use both eBay/PayPal and Amazon infrequently. Watch all bills carefully!!

12/19/12 Charge for $684.85. Called my credit card company, canceled card and disputed the transaction.

Called the 800 number in the transaction details, they could find no record of me placing an order, no order in that amount, and they can't search by CC number. The woman was bitchy when I refused to provide additional information for "confirmation purposes", what are you confirming?! I didn't place an order! I don't even know this phone number is legit, why would i give them a ton of info?

I had the same thing on my Discover card, GRE*GMCR/KEUGIG 800-717-1951 VT I didn't order anything from this merchant......264.99 charge!! Called Discover and they are removing the charge and issuing a new card, it just stinks!!!!

My GRE*GMCR/KEURIG 1-800-717-1951 charge came through on the same day as an purchase was made by me, this could have been a leak of my cc# I closed that cc- had a new card issued, In my persuit of answers I was informed of computer programs that will generate #'s till one is accepted by an unknowing business, so stay vigalant and watch your account closely and often. I was able to get credit for the charge from my card company! Stay vigalant!

I had a purchase from the GRE* GMCR/KEURIG put on my credit card. I had to call the company first and dispute the claim and then my credit card company considered it fradulent. The credit card was shut the card down, so that it couldn't happen again. I called GMCR back and asked to find out where the purchase was sent. They put me through to the credit and collection complaint section. The wait time was annoying as the lady kept saying the same thing over and over, but after a few moments I spoke to a live person. The lady I spoke to explained that this type of scam happens a lot. They purchase the item, ship it somewhere else and then will sell it at a deep discount. GMCR is on the hook if they can't redeem the product.

This showed up on my statement and matches my order with them . I have been using this co. for about a year now with no trouble. I don't know who got hold of your info but they must like coffee or are reselling it and the coffee makers. They are just as much a victim as you are so lighten up

I, too, had a fraudulent charge placed on my account on 7/10...called Green Mountain-they had nothing on file in my name. Called credit card company and reported fraud and put dispute on charge amount and received temporary credit while it is investigated.

Im on the phone now with Green Mountain. They asked, "well do you buy things from Ebay?" I told them yes. They said it was some kind of problem with ebay (or possibly paypal) that credit card numbers or accounts are getting leaked. Hope this helps someone. I will keep everyone posted.

I just discovered that this company charged $119.99 to my credit card already on 07/07. I was out of the country at that time and not using my US credit card at all. And I don't even drink coffee. My bank has just cancelled my credit card and is issuing me a new one.

This is definitely fraudulent. Had a charge to my debit card today for $138 to this place. I do have an Amazon account that I place orders on all the time, but the card has been saved there for several years, so I haven't actually typed the card into Amazon for at least a couple years. I do use this card for all sorts of things, so it could have been compromised somewhere else along the way - ordering pizza, lots on online ordering, etc.

I was checking my bank account online last night and saw a charge from these people for 151.42. Today I had my card cancelled and reported the transaction. I called the 800 number and talked to some customer service guy which he had me create an account so I could receive further communication. Can anyone verify if this number really goes to this company? I better get my money back! :(

Just so that people are aware, GMCR is not a fraudulent company. People you buy stuff from on Amazon and Ebay are taking your credit card information and selling it to people who then buy stuff from GMCR in your name. If you see this charge on your card from GMCR you need to call their customer service number 888-879-4627 and let them know. They'll take care of it.

I too had the same co. (gre*gmcr keurig vt) charge 161.00 to my debit card. It happened to me immediately after i ordered a book for my kindle from amazon. My bank (chase) took it off no problem, though I do have to wait 7-10 days for a new debit card. I say lets bring back paying with CASH!

Just checked my credit card account on line and 3 days ago a charge from this company showed up on my online charges. I didn't charge anything from this company and had not used the card for about 6 weeks. So I called the 800 from my that was associated with the charge (800-717-1951). The man I spoke with identified the company as Keurig. I explained the situation and he looked through his system for my name, address and phone number to verify that they had not shipped anything to me and they had not. He took down the reference number from the charge and suggested I call my cc bank. He said the bank would contact their corporate office once I did these and the details about my call would be on file. I called my bank to dispute the charge. The bank said that my account showed taht two other charges had also been attempted around the same time but had been turned down. One was to which had been turned down for address verification issues she didn't say what happened to the other one. So she said they would do an investigation and dispute the one charge and make a note on the two others even though they had been turned down just to be cautious and then she cancelled my card and said they would send a new one out. The last three times I used this card was as I said over six weeks ago and two of the places were local merchants and the third over the telephone with a company I trust. Don't know how they got the number or why this one charge from Keurig got through and the other two didn't. Maybe Keurig is less strenuous in their verification process than the other companies, or perhaps it is done in such a way as to look like it is being physically done in person rather than on-line so less information is required by the cc company to approve it. It's been a long time since I've used this card on line and never at eBay or as a funding source for PayPal. So not sure how they got the number. Good luck everyone.

I made a purchase on Amazon on 9/24/12, and on 9/27/12 GRE*GMCR/KEURIG made a charge on my card for $292.85. And no, I did NOT buy a new coffeemaker, coffee pods, etc. Called Discover right away, they cancelled the card and will investigate. How can this company get away with so many fraudulent charges???

I was charged $203.51 by GRE*GMCR/KEURIG on 02/05/2012. Thanks to this website, I got to know that this is a common fraud charge. I reported the charge to my cc company and they canceled my card and reverted the charge.

My son just checked his bank statement, has 218.85 for something he never ordered! It is fraud, and he never ordered the "stuff"! Will be going to the Bank of Abq. today to have it removed!


Mine got charged on 9/17/ fraud. I left messages for them to call me back and it never happens.

I was charged $203.51 by GRE*GMCR/KEURIG on 02/05/2013. Thanks to this website, I got to know that this is a common fraud charge. I reported the charge to my cc company and they canceled my card and reverted the charge.

These bastards did it to me..I will hunt them down and strangle them because now I have to wait for a new cc in the mail

I received a charge on my debit card from this company GRE GCMR/KEURIG. After getting a run around, I was told by Keurig to fill out a Police report so that I can persue these criminals that I want to see get prosecuted to the full extent of the law!

I got one from $310 for coffee machine..what the hell is going on..a real scam. Please guys be carefull and call right away your Bank (card)

Wow! This is a great website! I had a charge from these guys for $198.21. I guess they must think most people own a Keurig but we have a Tassimo. It was on our Visa card and we had to get new ones isssued.

Fraud: I just saw it today on my credit card. I'm not sure if this is world wide, but I'm from Canada. My CC company is taking care of it and sending me a replacement card. If there has been this many fraud related to this Coffee company, I hope the company does something about security on their orders becuase it's pretty obvious someone is using them for criminal purposes. It cannot be good for their business.

We had the same thing happen and it is fraud. We were in France and had not used this card other than to rent a car (a local Avis office in the Normandy area of France) The clerk took a long time processing our car, even though we had set it all up in advance. Looking back i am sure he had something under the counter to read the card for his purposes. We get an email alert every time we use the card, since we use it infrequently. we had 4 separate charges of $100 the day after we rented the car. we called CC bank and they removed it and changed our just have to watch carefully, that's why they do small amounts. Can't imagine it can be that profitable to resell K-cups, but it must be...They must figure many people will not check closely by the time they get their bill.

Purchased books recently from Amazon and received an unknow charge few days after by Gre*Cmgr/Keurig for approx. USD 110.

Had the same charge. Nearly $200. Green Mountain Coffee's fraud dept confirmed that my card was used online to place an order, but would not tell me where it was delivered to. It was sent to another state. Green Mountain Coffee stated they they get a lot of fraud because some of their coffee is sold in the black market. Canceled card and waiting for new one. Just a pain setting up all my autodraft payments I had with online services I use.

My mothers Discover Card was just charged with the identical letters/phone number. Looks like it is still happening well into 2013. Good thing my mother always checks her statements.

This morning about 1:30AM received an sms that my cc had been charged by this scumbag. Damn.. how to buy online while sleeping ? Just call maybank cc centre and cancelled the card. Spoiled Monday morning.. huhu

I was charged for over $200 by this GRE*GMCR/KEURIG company today....while I was asleep. I woke up to the notification email (I receive them for charges over $100). I don't even drink coffee, and if I did, I would buy organically grown whole beans, a grinder, and a french press or espresso maker (I USED to drink high school). =P Chase's fraud services were great. My Chase specialist got me on a three way call with the GMCR customer service lady, who then proceeded to attempt to set up a full account for me on their system. My Chase specialist promptly told her that was not necessary for finding out who had used my card at their company (the lady said only the corporate offices, which were of course, closed, could answer that), and got her off the line. I'll be receiving a new card from Chase in 1 1/2 days, and this card is now dead. This company either doesn't seem to bother verifying charges, or is fraudulent itself.

2 transation charge under GRE*GMCR/KEURIG company USD203.29 and USD200.87 and i didn't made any of it fore sure because I'm lives in Hong Kong. Just be carefully when you provide your CC# to third party.

Just checked my Well's Fargo online statement and had a pending charge of 193.54 from GRE-GMCR-KEURIG-800-717-1951-VT. Called the bank to report the charge and was told that my debit card number was manually entered at the time of purchase. Canceled the card and the bank is disputing the charges. Thanks for this site for helping me determine the fraud.

This is indeed for Keurig, and that is indeed their customer service number. This is a fraudulent charge for a real order.
I called the merchant who looked up the order via the unauthorized credit card number. They were able to stop the order and confirmed the shipping didn't match our information. We also replaced the card. If you act quickly as soon as you see the pending transaction on your account, Keurig can help you so the pending transaction never posts. If it not immediate, Keurig can still help with a refund process. I didn't have to involve my bank in the fraud dispute - except to get a new card number.

This is a total scam! Two charges for about $193 each were charged to my card. Called Keurig and they asked my account number... told them I don't have one you idiots!!!!! seriously, this looks like it has been going on for a few months... what needs to be done to stop it?!

I was also charged 2 x's in one day from GRE GMCR?KEURIG. Had to cancel my card and bank is disputing charges.

Sept. 27th, 2012 I had two charges showed up. Cancelled card and then called GRE corp. office in hopes of stopping the shipment. They can not pull up an order without a po and can not cancel any order. It appears the criminals aready have this info. Very poor and vunerable corporate structure.

I was lookign at my checking acct today and noticed a charge of 268.11 from gmcr/kuerig, i called the company and had a very hard time getting through to a supervisor and was then told they didnt have any shipping information on file, first they told me they couldnt release anything to me, that my bank would have to call, like hell, i told them this is my money that was taken and i want to know who used my card. They said corporate will call me back. My bank already cancelled this pending charge and is investigating it but i am furious. I want an address of who ordered it and if keurig cannot provide it, well then they just ruined their name with me. I hate thieves!

Be careful of certain websites. I ordered from and looked at my credit card account the next day and Green Mountain Coffee had made a charge also. I immediately called my credit card company and they took care of it.

I had a charge on my Debit Card today, 12/12/12. For 282.05. I had the bank cancel my card and freeze my account until this is taken care of. Scumbags. 800-717-1951

I also got the same charges from Keurig posted on 8/11 and another From Lego Shop At Hom,for 172.00 posted the same day. Discover is taking care of it and issuing a new card.

My Mastercard was hit on sept 23 from this company for $277.80. My card has been canx and I have been trying to talk to someone about it at the company and keep getting bounced around. I am NOT The right person to hit because I do Cyber Crime Investigations and I WILL get to the bottom of it.

it is for orders from Green mountain Coffee in Vermont, montly club refils

This has happened to me twice in the past month! The first time it was my credit card company, and tonight I discovered I have a pending charge on my debit card. Of course no one works on the weekends, and now my bank account is compromised. My cc company is investigating. This is not good.

Noticed a transaction on 23-Sep-2012 on my CC for US99. Checked with my bank and they mentioned this is a fraud and many customers have reported it. My card was canceled immediately.

No, it's fraud. I'm out $287 in credit. I would've remembered ordering a specialized coffee/coffee maker from Green Mountain, especially at that price. Hopefully my bank will reverse the charge.

I don't drink coffee. yet i have this on my statement! It's FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!

11/12/2012 checked credit card account and found $211.58 charged to my account from GRE*GMCR/KEURIG. I also have an account and that is the only place I feel the card could have been compromised with. Does anyone know if Amazon or Ebay/Paypal are aware of this problem?

I had two of these fraudulent charges made to my debit account. I cancelled it as soon as I saw, and was credited the charges. Then this disgusting company sent a credit agency to collect these fraudlent amounts of over $412 from me! They are scum! This company's leaders have been indicted on various white collar crime/fraud charges.

I was just charged 178.00 today by a company I never heard of and never purchace on line, WTF!!! called bank and they said it may take a day to clear it up. I just set up a PayPal account with ebay, what type of security do they have? I will pursue this and hope to file criminal charges against these sleazebags

Ditto here for $190 for coffee I did not order

similar to other people above, a our card was fraudulently charged with the payee GRE*GMCR/KEURIG indicating a purchase from a coffee company. We made no such purchases and a fraud investigation has been initiate by our bank. If you have a similar charge, don't hesitate to call credit card company or bank to dispute.

I also received a charge on my MasterCard for a purchase with the description above. I don't drink coffee and would not order one of these expensive makers. The item occurred on the same day I left town for a short vacation. I didn't make this charge. I will call credit card company and have this account/card closed with a new account/card opened. I had this happen before with MasterCard. I only use this card for on line purchases, never in a store.

There has been a credit card fraudulent in my possession, on August 31, 2012 with the description "GRE*GMCR/Keurig 800-717-1951 US" amounting at US$ 158. I have never done this transactions, which refer to Green Mountain Coffee.

CANADIAN CUSTOMERS : in my case, transaction was credited automaticaly by VISA, ....BUT.... make sure your credit in CAD matches the original cost in CAD. Credit was applied in USD... so the difference in rates makes a difference in the credit. In my case, the difference was 20$, so I had to CALL BACK FOR A CORRECTION.

this is satelite radio xm radio, if you own a car that has builtin xmradio than this is a charge for that. you need to cancel you xmradio bill. will solve the problem.

its not fraud y'all just forgot you ordered stuff

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