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GROUPON INC 877-788-7858 IL


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GROUPON INC 877-788-7858 IL

Showed up on my statement years ago and I fought the charge. I have recently discovered this charge on my statement again! I do not know how they get away with this but it is clearly fraud. I called and their automated system states that the hold times are 50 to 60 minutes! They must be ripping off a lot of people and or intentionally making it difficult to resolve this issue.

Multiple groupon charges, changed my card was called by Bank to notify of this company. GET NEW CARD ASAP.


I found this unauthorized charge on my mastercard on April 20, 2015: $773.98, GROUPON INC 877-788-7858 IL. I have never used Groupon. I never opened an account with them. I did not lose my credit card. I do not lend my credit card number to anyone. Clearly, my CC number was stolen and used by someone in Groupon. I am fighting this fraudulent charge and I will press criminal charges against the entity who did this.

Look at:

They are based in Illinois, and 877-788-7858 is their contact number. You purchased something from Groupon, or they accidentally charged your card. If it's the latter, then dispute the charge.

3 seperate 25 dollar charges, none of which is mine

FRAUD - BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY - FRAUD!!! HAVE THEIR CHARGES REMOVED AND GET A NEW CREDIT CARD. they charge my visa $199.99 I just received my bank statement and the charge of $199.99 on my visa card fraud fraud they should be some one to look at this company for the fraud they been doing to so many people the law should move in

i just received 6 charges totaling up to $342. I have never used Groupon in my life. This is the most straight forward fraud charges i have ever heard of. All charges are rounded numbers with no change.

GROUPON is fake merchant name used by debt collector to withdraw money from your credit cards.

Contact your bank right now and you will get the money back if they verify it is not your purchases.

I opened my cc statement and noticed three seperet charges, charged on the same day totaling $528. from Groupon. I have never heard of this company before, I never gave my cc info to this company. This is clearly blatant fraud. This has been reported as FRAUD to my cc company.

Two mysterious charges appeared on my bank card over the weekend. Both from IL. The total was just under $2000! I have never even been to their website, have no acct. with them and did not ever order one single thing from them. FRAUD!!!

My moms card was just charged around 178$ and was based on my name, although i have never ever looked up this website and neither have i ever purchased such products, we even tried calling them and they said that i made a purchase, funny thing is they sound extreamely unprofesional and i have no idea how they found my name and was able to acquirer my moms credit card number. This was applied on a VISA CARD, they are FRAUD, FRAUD,FRAUD,FRAUD,FRAUD,FRAUD,FRAUD...

SOLUTION: Call your bank and go thought the steps to change your card and card number and reverse the charge.

Had 2 Groupon transactions on my account show up with in 3 hours of eachother totalling 61.00. I have never used Groupon nor will I ever. I contacted my banks fraud dept immediately and cancelled my card. FRAUD!!

310000748443 . this groupon order number is on my visa card. i do not use groupons and would like this taken off and another one is pending. please take my visa and whoever ordered this off your company.

Noticed the business bank statement has 2 charges for 30. each from Groupon Inc. 600 W. Chicago Ave., 877-788-7858IL. No one here uses Groupon. Who made these charges? Thank you to all who posted fraud alerts to make us aware of this crime.

YEA! Two c.c. charges ≈$810.00, two days apart. I caught a third ≈$710.00. Someone is trying to rip us off.......

you charge my visa card two times in one day. Never used you site and never will. Went to my bank and canceled my card and filled out all paper work to they could investigate these charges.

I have been charged $505.47 on mydebitcard account to your company. I don'tknow hoe u received my information but it wasn't from me...I need these charges reversed immediately.

There was a charge of $32.65 to my account. I have not bought a Groupon recently. Please tell me how to remove this charge.

GROUPON INC 877-788-7858 IL showed up on my statement with a $30.00 unauthorized charge, I have not purchased anything from this company and I am not a customer of them, fraudulent charge !!!

The BBB gives this fraudulent company an A+ rating, even as they have 94% negative customer ratings on BBB's website, The BBB is a worthless piece of crap

Groupon did not get my CC data from me! that means that it was gotton by illeagle means problably. I am reporting it as a theft! and canceling my CC

I just got a charge $25 on my debit card from Groupon Inc, IL. I never used Groupon Inc. I don't know why many people have been these fraud charges from Groupon Inc, and this still happen so far.

This 'group', weirdly, deposited two instances of $30 and one $70, before BoA locked up the card (thankfully).


So I saw an unauthorized 50 dollar charge and canceled my card. decided to call the number for giggles. there was a huge wait time and I called twice to see how each call center rep answered. they sounded incredibly similar, both with urban accents, and said their names were something completely non-traditional (ie I have NO idea how to even spell them, but they were something akin to lakqeena and shawndrea-- not joking). they started off by apologizing and saying "I don't know why this has happened a lot lately" and then promptly asked me: "what is your full name as it appears on your credit card?" LOL AM I STUPID? DO I NOT KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING?? Let the bots thumb me down, this is 1000% a scam. I hung up immediately and am going through my bank's process for fraudulent charges.

I received this same charge from Groupon IL 877-788-7858 for $40 on my Bank of America Travel Rewards card this week. I called BOA and they are crediting me for the charge and sending me a new card.

I am reporting two fraudulent charges both from Groupon Inc for a total of more than $1,400. They were charged on two consecutive days. I have reported the frauds to the credit card company and have my credit card cancelled with immediate effect. The credit card company will investigate these two fraudulent charges and will contact you in due course to have the charges reversed. Please note that I am not a customer of Groupon Inc and will never be in the future.

A charge of $299.99 was made by 877-788-7858-/IL Check Card Purchase....

I never made this charge. I google'd the phone number, it was very clear this was GROUPON. I called groupon, and they had no record of this charge, and rudely suggested I go to my bank. My bank is now inconveniecning me with freezing my debit card until a new one arrives in the mail.

Pretty outrageous I can't have access to my OWN account after someone one Groupon's end clearly tried to RIP ME OFF.

I was charged $13.07 on my Sears M/C credit card. I did not authorize this payment. Called this #, had me on hold for over an hour. I disputed this charge with the Credit Card company. I am not or ever been a Groupon member. Charges need to be reversed, as I reported this to the BBB(Better Business Bureau).

I have been charged 35.00 on mydebitcard account to your company. I don'tknow hoe u received my information but it wasn't from me...I need these charges reversed immediately.

Just got hit with Groupon charges from IL. Never used Groupon before. I am calling credit card company to dispute charges. Looks like these people are based in Chicago, Address: 600 W Chicago Ave Ste 400, Chicago, IL 60654 Phone: (312) 676-5773. Is this an Attorney General situation since there is so much of this fraud going on?

I had the same fraudulent charge on my credit card that I found today. I verified it was not my groupon account that was hacked. When I called my credit card company and spoke with the credit specialist, she said she sees groupon all the time show up with fraudulent charges.

What she said is most likely happening, is that someone has gained access to your card, and is using groupon to "test" the card. It is not groupon acting fraudulent in any way.

Hope this helps.

Six charges totaling nearly $800 - ruined Christmas - NO customer support - thanks a lot - NEVER will I be buying Groupons again.

you guys have charged my card $2,278.97 debit card transaction to GROUPON INC. FRAUD!!!!!!

You have charged me $90.00 and I am not a Member nor have I ever looked into Groupon. These charges need to be reversed Immediately or further action will be concluded

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