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I Mr Marijan Peter Sanko of Melbourne Australia had booked a car on on the 13th march and paid for it by my MasterCard. The person who I spoke to said I would get confirmation by my email. No reply. Rand them up about 5 times last night 18/3/2014 Australian time. They said they had no record about the information that I gave them. So I looked at my MasterCard statement and they have taken out 220.62 out of it. In the statement it says Hotwire com sales final with several numbers and these three letters FRA and the last 4 digits of my MasterCard.

I picked up an economy car at RDU on July 9, 2014. You have charged me for a jeep cherokee. Of course I want a credit.

Never used HOTWIRE-SALES FINAL 866-468-9473, how the @$&)@#( did they get my info?

Purchase from Most likely for a flight, hotel, rental car or other travel related expense.

So ive checked my account last nite through mobile and surprisingly this hotwire sales final deducted me like 600 bucks. And dont even received any email notif. The heck did just happen? I dont even used

As on my accnt shows hotwire sales final and few numbers following it. This is too much !!! Been saving money for my birthday and this just happen. !

edgar davalos

Can you help? What is this charge?

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