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I have the same onboard charge pending and havent flown in over a year. However, I did just purchase tickets last week for a future date. My bank customer care recommended I have a new credit card issued. It may have been compromised.

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**I have not flown Frontier in a few weeks. Called my bank and the purchase was at a vending machine in Wisconsin and I am in Alabama!! Called my bank and are disputing it. I WILL NEVER FLY FRONTIER AGAIN!!

I had a charge for $7.50 on my card today to "Frontier Onboa Milwaukee, WI," I wondered too, whether this could be an inflight charge of some kind. However, I have not used Frontier Airlines in some time. I also have not been on a plane in 2 weeks. I reported the charge as a fraud.

july 12 2012 mysterious $5.00 charge to debit card

I had a charge in June 2013 for an on board purchase. This sent up a red flag since my last flight on Frontier was in April 2013. I did purchase an on board meal. In reviewing my bank account for April and May, I did not see that purchase deducted from my account. So, this is a legitimate charge. I have no idea why it took them two months to process it. If you have flown them in last year and you made an on board purchase, then it might be a legitimate delayed charge. Otherwise, I'd call them.

I just had a $5.00 charge from Frontier Onboard out of Milwaukee. I haven't flown since last Oct. Has anybody found a phone # for them? I'm sure many don't report this since it's only $5. Somebody's "cleaning up" on us!!

I had the same charge for $16.00. Chase credit card saw the website and realized it was fraudulent.

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Could it be an in-flight purchase of some kind?

I have one for $3.00. It sounds like a scam and if it is not disputed by your bank it goes into an account and the money is basically stolen from you. I calling tomorrow and reporting them on my end

I received a charge from frontier also. I did fly frontier in May, but didn't make any purchases. My bank called me to verify the purchase that appeared on my june statement. The charge is fraudulent. It is a purchase from an online company selling glass trinkets. I will be reissued a new card. If you see this on your statement call your bank immediately.

I just had a mysterious $12.50 charge from this show up on my bank statement as well. Like everyone else, I'm calling my bank to report it.

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I also just noticed a 21.50 charge from June 6, 2013. I have not flown frontier in over 1 year. Someone is doing some sneaky stuff. I disputed it and am getting a new card. My bank said it was showing the card had been swiped. Kinda hard when I am not even in the US and I have my card.

I looked at my visa credit card statement today and I had a $26.00 charge on it. six months ago I used frontier airlines to fly into Denver. this charge appeared in april 2013. im disputing it. people will try anything!

Just got charged 15 dollars from same Frontier Onboard f9. Had my credit card canceled and MC issued a new one. You'd think they were concerned since so many people are experiencing this.......not so much.

I have this mysterious charge on my credit card as others here. It was for two purchases of $3 and $6 on 6/11/13. I have also flown on Frontier, but is was back last September. I have reported it as fraud. The credit card company removed the charges and are issuing a new card. The charge actually registers as a convince store in very fishy. I have never been to Milwaukee.

I found this same charge on my credit card for a charge on Feb 14, 2013. I have not been on a plane in 5 years, and the last time I was on an airplane I didn't even have the credit card the fraudulent charges was charged to. It is fraud. Report it and dispute it.

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I also had a $6.50 charge posted on my checking account. I did fly Frontier back in February but DID NOT use my debit for anything onboard. I called my bank, they are blocking my old debit and issuing a new card...5-7 business days. I can not imagine how my account was compromised. Freaky.

I have a $12 charge on my card. I have not flown on frontier in a year. I am disputing and will not pay this. Will cancel my card tomorrow.

Ok, I had a $6 charge on 6/11/13 that I didn't make & Visa/MC told me they can't do anything as it is under $10. Only my issuing bank can credit a refund so basically they eat the $6 instead of me or Visa/MC. Somebody is cleaning up on small charges!

I also had a charge on my debit card $5.98. We used Frontier airlanes in March 2013. I am calling my bank.

Our latest statement includes a $6.00 charge to this as well. We are going to report and dispute it. It makes a case for examining each and every statement. Thank you for posting yours so that we knew it was something fishy.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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