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MSFT *XBOX LIVE 08003865550 WA


What is it?

I have several charges from msft xbox live on my credit card and most of them I cannot identify -- I need to know the content of the purchase

MSFT *XBOX LIVE 08003865550 WA is a charge for Microsoft Points. If you have your profile signed into multiple xbox systems... then I would check your download history and the games your friends have been playing.

I just discovered that I have been being charged a $10.81 fee on my relatively unused school credit card. I have researched my Microsoft account, and have no history of any purchases. The fee explaination states that I am present and swiping the card at the point of service: MSFT *OFFICE 08006427676 WA . I have not done this one time much less monthly for the last 8 months. I need to know what this charge is for and who is debiting my account.

Amazon Digital Svcs 866-216-1072-WA there are four charges i can not identify

Why do they keep charging my card yet xbox live doesn't work?

Purchases are being charged to my debit card msft billing wa,i have been charged on 4 different times for the amount of 14.91,2.11,5.29 and 15.89 also from msft x box liv bill.x box.cowa ihave no clue as to why my account is being continusly being chargedthese msftaccounts from x box liv bill.x box.cowa andmsft billing wa fraud is being committed herd i have not made any purchases teguarding to thest on my debit card

cannot charge anymore on this charge card.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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