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Also Appears on Statements As "NETFLIX.COM 8005858131 CA"

What is it?

I have not ordered Netflix, nor have I watched movies through Netflix. Please refund ALL charges and stop this billing process!

This isn't an issue with netflix. Your credit has been compromised and the criminals are making small transactions with your credit card to test it's validity. How come it says netflix on your CC statement? Again this is part of the scam. They've registered a merchant ID with a name similar to a legitimate company eg netflix CA. This is so that when you scan your CC statement it looks legitimate. Of course if you don't have a netflix account you'd pick it up straight away but if you do you may overlook it. You may start discovery other strange transaction like from Walmart or Ray's Pizza or something. Again these are all fronts for criminal organizations.

So there is no point chasing up netflix. Call your bank and cancel your card. Their insurance will cover any fraudulent transactions so you won't lose a dime. When you speak to them ask them to look up the merchant ID number of the fraudulent transaction and confirm if in fact this matches with the ACTUAL merchant ID of the company the criminals are imitating. If the numbers don't match then it's fraudulent. So for example netflix CA merchant ID would be different to the official netflix merchant ID. The banks have easy access to this information.

Hope this helped someone out there.

I don't have a NETFLIX account and I will like for you stop charge.

please cancel the being bill over an over for this account ..why .. please cancel right away

Please know that I do not have a Netflix account but have received a $6.99 charge on my credit card on 2/21/14 and again on 3/21/14. I have informed the credit card co. that the charge is incorrect, possibly fraudulent, and is not to be charged to my account. The credit card company has committed to investigate these charges. Please stop/discontinue any charges to D. Barrett, 1177 Wheatsheaf Lane, Abington, PA. 19001

Same thing happened us, never have used Netflix, called them and they have no record either!! Shows on our statement as "NETFLIX NONE LOS GATOS CA"

Us dollar 6,39 and 6,25 has been described from my creditcard. I did not order Netflix. Please stop the payments. and give the money back!

NETFLIX.COM NETFLIX.COM CA ##0414 7.99 US DOLLAR I'm in Australia and have never used Netflix and just started getting charged in April so have had to cancel my credit card as this is obviously a fraud/scam.

I have not set any account with los gatos . netlix Milpitas 95032-1815 us. please refund my money my account sum of £5.23. urgently . I have reported fraudulent. money was taken out on 15 april2014. in uk

Monthly bill for NetFlix streaming or DVD rentals

Please discontinue my subscription to netflix of $7.99 per month billed on my Amex card.

LAURA OROURkE 5 Harvey Court SUMMIT, NJ 07901

I want to cancel the account with Netflix as of this date: 10/28/2017. My granddaughter, Haley Brooks ordered this and she has moved so please cancel this immediately. Thank You

                                  Joyce Hoy

It is under CA for $12.71 dated 9/30/2017 for Haley Brooks, Phone Number 724-422-0770

I have new bank account and need to take my payment out of my new back i live my Netflix and want keep it so please call at 2767660436

My credit card has been charged twice this month to Netflix. I have never ordered any netflix. My credit card is Southwest Rapid Rewards .. I would like these charges removed. Do I need to Give you my number.? The card is under my husband's name, Guy Davis. Thank you. My e mail is Please let me know how I can solve this problem.

Please cancel my husbands subscription. His name is Solomon Danzig.

Thank you.

I need to speak to someone in your billing dept. I believe I had a scam yesterday regarding my account with you. Please give ME a phone number so I can talk to someone in billing.

I never had Netflix account so stop charging my and refunded my money

I have a charge of $9.65 on my Netspend account from Netflix. Com Los Gatos Cats that I did not authorized, this is the sie one. I do not have a Netflix act.

After the first payment to Netfilx dated February 7, 2014, my Visa was compromised and thus the bank froze it. Because this had happened on another time again , only 3-4 months ago, I have decided to not give you the number of my new Visa from this bank, I will wait one or 2 days when I get a new Visa from another bank. However, because I have read that the thieves have been stealing money from your subscribers, I will hesitate to continue my subscription using any Visa and I am asking you to provide me with an alternate way of paying, like, for example, adding you to my bill payments as a "Payee" and thus pay you every month. Any safe suggestions? Can I prepay, say, for 3 or 6 months directly? I need answers.

Please stop billing me for NETFLIX as my new account for a new television setup gives me Netflix. Thank you. I enjoy it. Janet Pommrehn

Bruce is dying of cancer and no longer can use Netflix. I need this account canceled. Netflix.comlos Gatos cases 020082 auto deduct from

after my monthly subscription fee was processes this month there was a duplicate charge on my statement for, ,ZZ. Your representatives said they had never heard of that before and i do not want to be charged twice.

please cancel the account

I have been having charges on debit card from I don't have an account.Please Cancel ASAP.

My Credit Card number has changed for billing.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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