Learn about the "Pes*For2bill.Com Shenzhen" charge and why it appears on your credit card statement.

First seen on April 21, 2014, Last updated on May 8, 2014

What is it?

I also got this! PES for2bill. It was a small amount and I immediately blocked my card and asked for a new one. The site is only a few months old. UK site, owned by a chinese company. Smells funny..... :(

I noticed a 2.18 charge as well as a .04 charge saying intnl transaction. Called my bank and blocked it asap. Their website is horrible.

I don't have any online Bovada account. I am in a new town for business. I have been to two grocery stores, and a cafe. That's it.

i'm not bovada custumer, but i also have a charge from Pes for 2bill it's a fradulent charge.

I had a charge for £1.11 from this company. I have no idea where they got my details from, I have never been interested in online gambling or casinos, never heard of Bovada. About a year ago I bought a prom dress for by daughter online from a Chinese company. I have never had any other dealings with China. This transaction just appeared on my account one morning. Bank have refunded me and I am awaiting a new card.

I and my coworker charged by about $2. We doesn't use a Bovada or other casino. But we both use cards at at about 11.2013.

I also bought a dress from china 1 year ago, and now I had a small amount of money taken from my account. I never had any dealings with Bovada.

My charge ($1.34) from them showed up 2 days ago. I also have a Bovada account. Is that the link between us? I just got back from Clearwater Beach, Fl and was thinking it was something there before I saw Some Guy's post.

Visa did not notify me as a fraudulent charge i had to call them to report it. It was only $1.14 but if they do that to a million people. I also use Bovada like another complainer.

I do not have a bovada account (and I never had it either). I do not play online casino games. Really curious on how they got a hold of my credit card information??

I bought some shoes from the china website CHOIES months ago and I had a small amount of money taken from my account from pes*for2bill.

i had a charge of $2.49 with $.07 foreign transaction fee. I had a a Bovada account that I haven't used in 9 months. I bet Bovada sells all our credit card information to this Chinese company for their customers who haven't made a deposit in a while, since we are not of any use to Bovada anymore.

I have a Bovada account as well, but was inactive for a few months. $1.34 charge. I contacted Bovada who gave this response:

"Thanks for contacting Bovada Customer Service. Your account information shows your last deposit was on xxxxxxxxxxxx. There is no indication that we just charged your account; thus, the charge is not associated with Bovada. Thank you for your understanding."

Yep. I have had a $1.45 charge as well. Spoke to the bank and are investigating.

I also have had this charge, on the two cards I used with bovada. Both had a charge of $2.98. One card i only used one time, and that one time was with Bovada. Cancelled my cards and reported fraud.

Got a call from my bank's card security center, asking about the charge of $1.45 to PES*FOR2BILL.COM. Didn't make it. Have no connection to online casino gaming. Shut my card down and now I've got to wait for a new card to show up and figure out all the accounts that auto-debit to my now defunct card.

Yes, same company got me too $1.50, my bank filed a fraudulant claim, remove the charges, closed my card and issued me a new card.

I got charged on credit card from pes* and I had not authorized such a thing I do not know what it is.

I've reported the $2.39 fraudulent charge from these fools and await a new Visa card. I'm also a Bovada customer.

I just got a $1.66 charge. I do have a Bovada account as well.

I had a charge of 2.42, and I have a Bovada account.

I reported the charge and am about to cancel the card.

I think this site has accessed debit card info, then cross referenced them with Bovada customers. My bank has reversed the charges and will be issuing a new debit card.

Visa did not notify me as a fraudulent charge i had to call them to report it. It was only $1.14 but if they do that to a million people. I also use Bovada like another complainer.

Just noticed a charge myself.. $2.49. I do have a Bovada account as well, but it has been inactive for several months.

Was definitely worried when I saw the charge on my visa statement as I've had fraud scares before. It was only $1.83 (CAD), but that means a company, which I have not given my information to, has my information. Very scary. And very disappointed in the fact that I now have no credit card until my new one comes in the mail.

I highly doubt it's anything legitimate, as I do not have an account with any of the sites that have been mentioned in this thread!

Let your bank know if you see this charge!!

Can you help? What is this charge?

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