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Im Getting charged for some unknown fees I havent used redbox in about 6 mnths or longer an these charges are the reason why i will no longer rent from redbox any answers for me ?

Charged 3.74 for DVD RENTAL OAKBROOK TER ILUS. Have not used Red box since 2015. Card has been shut off...

Redbox DVD rentals. Most likely a daily DVD rental from a Redbox kiosk at a grocery store or convenience store. More info at

As it was explained to me - When your card was swiped the bank pre-authorized the transaction by holding onto the rental amount while it waited for the merchants billing. Since the transaction didn't go through, Redbox won't be processing the billing for that attempt. Your bank will release the money in 5 to 7 business days. The abbreviation OAKBRKTERRACE IL. is the location for (Redbox) Corporate Headquarters. I used their live chat for the answer to this question.

Can I check movie titles thru reference numbers?

I got charged 65.XX for stuff I never rented. My bank is fighting it. I haven't rented from them since early December.I rented a game for my nephew on the 1st of December and returned it the next night. Now I have a 65.xx charge on my card. I'm pissed!!!!!

A fake credit card was used at this location a month ago and I reported it as fraud and credit card was cancelled. Five days ago Redbox was able to obtain my new credit card number and charged an even higher amount. I have never purchased anything from Redbox and this store is in another state. I am suspicious of the companies underhanded practice of obtaining my new card number even with fraud reported.

I also noticed an additional charge of $4.88, checked my bank statement they have been over charging me since the beginning of the year, over a hundred dollars in charges. Once I showed prof they haven’t returned my emails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I only had used the card 3 times... it was a chase card, I used it at the Post office (USPS), a print store for fliers, and a place that makes custom hats... to me it looks like it's either a leek from the USPS or Chase? anyone have anything like this or against it...... oh and this is based on the premise that it is definitely not connected with red box at all!

There is a lot of these fraudulent stuff appearing my incoming mailbox, without my knowledge or approval. I didn't do it, I don't want it so don't impose on me and my ohana.

dont use redbox they charge your card when you havent even rented movies a month or longer.....

Can you help? What is this charge?

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