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they nailed my debit card for almost $500.00 this morning... had a fraud alert go off, but they also ordered from a couple of other sites I cant identify

This is a Fraudulent Charge. I just had similar charge from " 9300" post to my mastercard, for $600+ USD, for something I never ordered.

i just got charged 653.24 on my amex. called up to report it. they're sending a new card and now i gotta change all my saved cc info on every goddamn site. i hope these fuckers die in a fire.

We received a charge for $285017 from sears.com9300. Why is it so easy to order on this site without proof?

KMART online transaction also shows as 9300, so make sure you din't do any purchases in Kmart before you dispute

I have a charge on my debit card for $500.86 and I am a widow who lives on a fixed income and this is my rent money. My bank alerted me but who knows how long it will take to get this money back and I do not understand why they cannot track these people down and arrest them. It is no different than walking into a bank with a gun and robbing. If I had an extra 500 to spend I have things I need to live.

general merchandise is listed. thought i bought a chair one and a half months ago but no confirmation e-mail or order status and no chair. only a charge from 9300ew des moines ia

I am in South Africa and just received an sms that ZAR843.00 was debited to my VISA card from SEARS.COM 9300 WEST DES. I stopped my card with my bank as I did not use my card on your site or store.

The last amount was $285.1, not $285017.

Did any one else buy ecig stuff before the fraud???

05/08/2014 a charge of $23.95 appeared on my son's check card account for SEARS.COM 9300. Before that it was 05/07/2014 for WALMART.COM 800-966-6546 for $26.07.

I am trying to inform the proper authorities at SEARS that one of SEARS departments has refunded me twice for a pair of shoes which I ordered on line and which I never received. Please check your records for my information and let me know what you want me to do with the extra $37.88 which you sent to me. This number may be of help to you: 08003494358 IA. I have spent hours of my time trying to resolve your mistake. If this message does not resolve the error, I do not intend to spend any more of my time in an effort to be honest.

SEARS.COM 9300 08003494358 IA , got hit with this bogus charge for $205.19 with Walmart card. Call Walmart and cancelled card.

These are legitimate purchase charges from Sears. Recently I ordered a split top queen box spring and the charges ($261.24) showed up on my Credit Card statement as SEARS COM 9300.

Hay Jake, I bought some E-liquid from then I got hit for $980.43 from SEARS.COM 9300 WEST DES MOI IA

my cc charged 286.19 9300 My bank notified me and stopped charge. For my aggravation I wish to be credited that amount to my paypal acct as my card is now inactive and i have to wait 10-15 days for a new one. It would be good PR for sears to contact me

I have a charge on my credit card for $2,119.28. An online order that I canceled 3 times!!! Every time I call Sears they just transfer me to different departments. Mostly to people who say they will take care of it who I can barely understand because they do not speak English! How is this leagal? I never received any merchandise!

had a charge of $85.59 posted to my bank 12-29-14 from sears.com9300, my bank said the purchase was on 12-28-14 @ 9:38pm, online the charge was'nt as bad as some of you got hit...hope the fraudulant bast**** rot in hell....just cancelled my debit idea how they got my info in first place....i pay my credit card staments online, and that is suppose to be secure sites.....oviously, not very secure....

I had a charge of 2066.44 on my Visa card from this site. Apparently someone wanted a HD curved TV and wanted me to pat for it!!! Needless to say now have a new Visa card. What kind of site would allow this?

My card was chargef $434 and some change from that Sears.com9300. I would like to know what was charged and what was the purchase item. That was my college school money.

Had a charge for $308.77 at, they say its a miscellaneous purchase and were not any help.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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Also Appears on Statements As

  • POS Debit SEARS.COM 9300
  • Visa Check Card SEARS.COM 9300 MC
  • Misc. Debit SEARS.COM 9300