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Also Appears on Statements As "SEARS.COM 9300 800-349-4358 IA"

What is it?

My credit card has been used in your stores an hour ago for an amount of 817,48 USD. It is a fraud operation. My email address is visa card number ends by 0002. Can you help me to stop this fraud? 9300 is a credit card scam. Report it to your credit company ASAP

2 Visa cards have been stolen and purchase them from your website on 01/01/2017 to 24/1/2017 gulch along the purchase 9301 800-349-4358 us name and card number:(MUHEBA HARATI 4588464931) (WSAM BARRA 4588465183) please i want to solve this problem . what can i do i want to return my money that stole

Charge on my debit card in the amount of $372 to 9300. I have never ordered anything from Sears. I saw a few people comment about ordering Ecig supplies. I have recently purchased ecig supplies but not online. I bought them from a local store. I immediately reported this fraud to my bank and am still waiting on the refund to post to my account.

Same as above... multiple charges to "" my bank picked it up after about 6 charges.

My credit card has been used in your stores an hour ago. It is a fraud operation

I also have fell victim to this today 8-15-13 charge of 741.99 I am curiouse how they have obtained our info. i order vapor cigarettes from a few vendors, i am wondering if you also use vapor cigarettes

In response to 8/15/2013, I too made a purchase from an online smoke shop (for small cigars, not e-cigs [vapers]) on 3/26/14, and yesterday found an unauthorised charge to my BoA account on the same date, same ID (800-349-4358 IA).

Hay every buddy. I to just got taken for $980.43 from "SEARS.COM 9300 335SEW DES MOINES IA" I'm glad I found this website, It all makes sense. In response to people asking about buying E-cigs. I made a purchase at and then I got the Sears charge. Bootleg vapor is an online retailer only business so it seem this would be the only way some one could have stole my card info.

On 08/02/2016 I visit your store in McAllen and ordered some parts and give your employer a wrong eMail Please change it to The credit card charge on 08/04/2016 reads SEARS.COM 9300 800-349-4358 IA 08/02 131.70

I had charges posted fraudulently to my account on 8-11-13. They have been canceled and my credit card number replaced by Discover Card.

Looks like Sears has a rouge employee gone bad. As if we didn't have enough problems with Obama. So I get a call from Visa Fraud Prevention while I am at work asking me if I made charges to Sears. I respond no to the recording and when I look at my account guess what I see? Yup, you got it. Charges to Sears. How nice. And even nicer are the fees for insufficient funds. My plan is to contact as many agencies as I can find to report this crap. People are barely making it & some person is having a hay day on other people's expense. And if you are like most of us living from paycheck to paycheck this can be a nightmare. So I Google the 9300 WEST DES address and lo and behold I see where the problem. Somebody better email me at and tell me how they are going to fix this or I will make this my personal project to make the whole world know about this. This includes TV Stations, and complaints at the Federal and State level. It will make the BBB look like a walk in the park. You have exactly 24 hours to contact me. It is 6:37pm CT.

I have a charge for $74.65 on my prepaid master card debit vanilla gift card. If this is not Sears, then is anyone interested in a class action lawsuits? I will be putting it in on Come on over and join the class action, we need like 10 or more complaints in to get it started. Then we will get refunded. 9300, West Des Moines, IA, US. Someone stole my debit card number and made a purchase of $871.98. I found a phone number for them, but they were not helpful at all. Said they had no solution to my problem then just wouldn't answer my questions. I finally just hung up.

I have been charged $214.11 today. It is a fraud. I have contacted the police

I also got charge fraudulently so it is a fraud account. The lipstick company that I order from got it's customer service account hacked and all of the information got stolen.

I had been charged $650 last month from "SEARS.COM 9300 335SEW DES MOINES IA". I reported to my American Express and replaced new card after I saw it on my ebill today.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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Also Appears on Statements As