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What is it?

This is a scam. My bank account was hit for several charges from this site totaling just over $ 1700.00.

Check your account often !

Just got scammed. My bank-Regions just let some one withdraw $355 out of my checking account. Shows as 4 seperate charges as- St Jude internet. This will be my 4 th debit card compromised in a year 1/2!

My credit card security information was stolen,someone had charged on ST.JUDE website

A transaction of $162.00 and a atm fee of .85 occurred yesterday from my debit card without my permission. How is this so?

I was just charged $19 from this org on my credit card. My bank caught it, cancelled the card and they are reversing the charge.

Just cancelled and reported $20 as fraud on my account before anything else happens. >:( Never donating to them for real if this is how they play. Shouldn't charge against me in the end, but I didn't authorize anything and rarely use this card. Plus, this card is new! I haven't used it since activation.

"ST JUDE P2P" charge for donating money to sponsor someone running a St. Jude Marathon

Our account was hit for $5.00 on a Sunday, luckily our cell phone tells us immediately when a charge goes through our account and we called the fraud number on the back of the card and shut it down before anymore charges came through!

This is a charitable contribution made to St. Jude's Children's Hospital through their internet site.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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