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Happened to me too and I have no idea why. I called the number from the statement and they asked for my credit card number...I thought it was a scam so I gave them every telephone number and they pulled up all accounts and there we no charges to our accounts. I don't get it...calling the bank next.

I also was the victim of the automatic renewal without prior notice or authorization for my credit card to be billed. The total I was charged was $102.70. When I spoke to the first representative, she advised me that she was issuing the full credit and then offered me a 1 year subscription for "half price" which I declined so she then was transferring me to an account specialist to cancel my service. The second woman advised that the credit would only be $90.42. When I advised of the amount the previous representative advised me, this rep "did the math" for me so I "new the charge for the period that I received the service". I then asked for her supervisor and was put on hold, when she checked back with me to let me know it would be a few more minutes, she disconnected the call forcing me to call back. I immediately asked for a supervisor and explained my dissatisfaction and advised of the previous posts regarding the same fraudulent activity that are detailed above. He then agreed to issue the additional $12.28 credit. I then requested the business address and advised that I would be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. The total time I was on the phone was 34 minutes 27 seconds. Subscribers be very aware of your service expiration dates as Sirius will ALWAYS automatically renew your subscription for the full current amount affiliated at the time of the renewal with no discounts. The reason for my post is to provide information and report possible fraud. The business address is: SiriusXM Radio, Inc., PO Box 9001399, Louisville, KY, 40290-1399

Same thing happened to me. Call 1-866-528-7474 and ask for a representative. Your subscription is automatically renewed using the card you gave them originally. Call them and they will help you. They were very cooperative!

SXM*SIRIUSXM.COM/ACCT 888-635-5144 NY I do not know why this appeared on my account.I believe sirius renewed my subscription without my consent

I received an invoice for SXM*SIRIUSXM.COM/ACCT 888-635-5144 NY T1,8F7226C,8E4 which I don't know what it's for.

I am sick of this! I am officially reporting this as fraud and will have my attorney suing SiriusXM! I am not the suing type and believe it is an overused threat, however you have now screwed me out of 4 years of these charges and I am done!!! I have notified you in writing and in person 7 times over the last 3 years and actually let it go and had it just kept it! This is the finial draw! I kept my credit card on file purposely maxed so that You would not automatically enroll me again! This service has been disconnected now for months! I want you ALL READING THIS that the minute I paid my credit card off it was NOT 2 days or a week, IT WAS THE SAME DAY, I REPEAT THE SAME DAY) they charged my credit card $91.94 and had the audacity to charge me (A LATE FEE OF $16.30)! SiriusXM if you know what is good for you, you will be writing me an apology letter and stop doing this to AL THESE OTHER PEOPLE, because I intend to have my attorney follow through with actions to not only regain the first 4 years of my money, but pay me for my time for this CRAP! Done with you and I will NEVER EVER use any of your services in the future NO MATTER WHAT!!

I think we should all be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau!! It's obvious I am not the only person this is happening to!

Do you realize that means that for 3 MONTHS THEY HAVE RUN MY CREDIT CARD EVERY SINGLE DAY TO ATTEMPT TO GAIN ACCESS TO MY FUNDS??) UNBELIEVABLE & DISGUSTING BUSINESS PRACTICES!! Unethical and just despicable!!! SCAMMERS!! Here is the link to the Attorney Generals office in Missouri (you have to file in your state) Josh Hawley consumer complaint
Also, file with Top Class actions LLC www.consumeraffairs. File with all of these because apparently when The New York-based SiriursXM Radio was fined and reimbursed $3.8 million to customers in 2014 they didn't get the hint! They were also told to change business practices which clearly they did NOT!

The SiriusXM New York-based company just happens to be the one that stalked my credit card as well! I know it takes time but I urge anyone who reads this to please not let this unscrupulous company continue taking hard working people's money! There are other options out there!!!

I'm MOST DISGUSTED by them STALKING my credit card, which as we all know holding a max balance hurts our credit! However, I did it on purpose so they could NOT scam me BUT THEY DID!

Sorry for the long post! SiriusXM I'm not letting this go! My charges read: SXMSIRIUSXM.COM/Acct 888-635-5144 NY $91.94 Next charge read: SXMSIRIUSXM.COM/ACCT 888-635-5144 NY $16.30 Both charges dated 10/20/2017 My credit card was paid off and actually cleared the bank to allow these charges to go through YEP AMAZINGLY ENOUGH 10/20/2017

Have proof carried a max balance for 6 months not 2 months!! This subscription that had been cancelled and was disconnected for 4 months!

7/30/2017 Carolyn - hopefully you see and read some current posts! Hope it helps! It helped me!

PLEASE REPORT SIRIUSXM IF YOU HAVE BEEN SCAMMED OR DECEICED. THE INFORMATION IS BELOW! If you prefer to not read my entire post above (I know it's long)! You will be shocked to learn they stalked my credit card! Interesting tidbit- Sirius XM Holdings Inc, is largest radio company measured by revenue (BECAUSE THEY SCAM, DECEIVE, and STEAL YOUR MONEY - 1/3 - 1/4 don't even catch the charges) doing so they have 32 million subscribers- well I didn't subscribe (I don't know about you) but I'm included in their statistics! Chief Executive Officer = James E. Meyer he was previously in sales, I would imagine if I unethically obtained that many subscribers I would be promoted also! Sad, Sad, Sad!

This is an unscrupulous company that was forced to pay $3.8 million in fines and settlements to consumers in 2014 throughout 44 states and told to come up with new business plans to stop the deceiving practices they had in place! Apparently $3.8 million meant nothing! They have not stopped!

Please notify the Atorney General in your state not the state of the charges! In Missouri Josh Hawley (file a consumer complaint)

Notify ConsumerAffairs

Notify The Better Business Bureau

My Discover card has been charged $18.21 for the last 2 months. ( June & July) I cancelled my contract in April, 2017, even received a refund. Sirius claims it is an auto renew. How do you auto renew a cancelled contract. I have had Discover card block them and they are refunding me the money that Siruis charged. Yea, for Discover card.

SIRIUSXM is a scam charged my card for 6 mos. without asking, getting out as soon as I can

Was "locked in" to promotional renewal rate of 25.00 for 6 months service until I cancel. They charged credit card 97.00 and then haf me on hold for 30 minutes while they accessed the account repeditivly

I cancelled my account with them last fall (2014), today I was charged for an automatic renewal. Called and got a refund.

My bank account was accessed without my authorization on 6/11/15 and 106.00 was withdrawn. I will call my bank and stop payment and also call the federal hotline. Carl . Jungmann

They charged my checking account $115.80 without my approval. I promptly called my bank and had the charges reversed. They have lost any hope of ever having me as a customer again.

I received an invoice for SXM*SIRIUSXM.COM/ACCT 888-635-5144 NY T1,8F7226C,8E4 which I don't know what it's for.

This phone number and label "SXM-SIRIUSXM-COM-ACCT" appeared on my credit card history with a charge of over $500 and I do not have Sat Radio. I provided the transaction number when I called the number provided 888-635-5144 and they stated that they can't look it up without my full credit card number, even after providing them with my name.

I don't know if its really Sirius Radio, so I would called the number on Sirius's website

I canceled my subscription 2 weeks prior to renual & they gave me a confirmation #. They charged my card anyway. I called again & got another confirmation # with a promise of 5-10 days for refund. DIDN'T HAPPEN. called AGAIN. They acted like I had never called. They wanted to sent a reduced amount in an additional 5-10 days. THEY ARE A BUNCH OF LIARS & CROOKS.

They tell you (or at least they are supposed to) when you set your account up that it will be automatically updated through the monetary account that you set it up with. Those of you on here complaining about Sirius XM scamming you need to make yourselves fully aware of the details before you get on forums and rant.

I was charged $108.26; my subscription renewed and I was not notified. I called 1-866-528-7474 and spoke with a representative. He was very understanding and renewed my subscription for only $25.00 plus tax. He is supposed to be giving me a refund of $75.20 within 5-10 days. He also gave me a number to call to remove my debit card number from file, so when it is time for renewal I won't be charged. 1-866-635-2349. Seems like an easy company to work with so that is why I am keeping the service.

Got a $106.94 Sirus charge on my AMEX statement today -- totally unauthorized! Had a $25 trial subscription last year for 6 mos. service in my new car which they obviously extended without my knowledge. When I called Sirius phone # on the statement (888) 635-5144, rep asked for a LOT of personal and credit card info -- so my red flags went way up. Immediately called AMEX and reported this as unauthorized charge, put merchant block on Sirius for 4 years and AMEX is investigating. Beware -- this is a Sirius scam and they should be driven out of business for this type of fraud!!

There were two separate charges on my account on the same day from the 1-888 number. I googled the number and found out who the charges were from. My subscription had been canceled for years. The card I authorized them to charge has been canceled, a block has been put on my account to disallow and charges from them. However, because they changed the amount by $0.01, and used the 1-888 number to process the charge, they were able to withdraw not one, but two separate charges on the same day. I will be calling my bank again in the morning, as well as contacting the JAG office, as we are military and I am no longer willing to fight with them.

Sirius took $44.00 out of my checking account for unknown reasons .They have not made any attempt to contact me for the reasons why. For health reasons I did not renewal my contact with Sirius for health reasons and have not driven my car 60 miles since July.Sirius blocked all my attemps to use the computer which I was paying for by changing my password .I gave up using my computer trying to reach what I was paying for SiriusXM radio.

Holy Cow! SIRIUS XM is a FRAUD! They also charged my account and my account has been expired for a while! I called them and the wait time was 35 minutes! I can't believe this. They need to go go jail.

Every month I get charged a different amount for something from Sirius XM. I will call my credit union and tell them to delete anything from Sirius from now on since this is a scam!

Your parentheses says it all. "(at least they are supposed to)" Well in my case, they did not notify me or send a copy of a bill and the subsequent charge and payment from my credit card. I will be requesting a refund and canceling Sirius XM. I don't think you (above) have a clue as to what you are talking about regarding notice.

I recived a charge from this service for $88 and I haven't used the service (or had the same debit card number) in almost 5 years. I called the 888 number and got through to someone by saying "Representative". The representative was friendly at first though her English was very broken and it took some time to get her to understand my problem. She informed me that not only did I have a Sirius Online Radio Account (not really sure what that means, maybe just a streaming account?) and that was the charge placed on my account and also that I still owe another $88. At this point she put me on hold for five minutes. She proceeded to argue with me that I owe the money for a while then put me on hold again for another 5 minutes. She then returned and transferred me to another representative. The new rep was extremely helpful and said, "I'm going to do everything I can. I'm a consumer too and you shouldn't be paying for something you don't use". She assured me she would do everything possible to make it right and put me back on hold. She was able to refund not only this charge but also a charge I had missed from last year. She was extremely helpful and honestly made me want to get satellite all over again just for the excellent service she provided. I began the phone call quite irritated and ended it in a great mood.

You charged me without my permission? I did not give you my credit card # to charge to this fraud statement! i want to CANCEL IMMEDIATELY I WANT TO CANCEL ALL SERVICES FROM SIRIUS RADIO NOW EFFECTIVE TODAY FEB 5,2015. MY VEHICLE VIN # IS 2C4RC1CG3CR106014 CANCEL THIS SERVICE " NOW " IMMEDIATELY!

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Yep. SiriusXM automatically renewed my account without my permission. They are a bunch of libtard faggots ! Their lineup sucks too.

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