Learn about the "Tnwbill.Com80050 Valletta" charge and why it appears on your credit card statement.

Also Appears on Statements As " VALLETTA MH "

First seen on April 5, 2014, Last updated on October 7, 2014

What is it?

I have been charged 500 dollars and I even cancelled my debit card got.a new one and they were somehow still able to charge my old debit card. Crooks

It's from an app called 'be naughty'. These charges will reoccur weekly and the only way to stop it is get a new credit card from your financial institution.

They keep charging my credit card and nowhere can you actually cancel the order. Is there no "Unsubscribe" area in their website? It is listed as TNWBILL.COM

i also never gave my bank detail to you , and money has been taken from my account I have told my bank and they are checking it out. what they think we are will also go to the police and ask them to check that fraud

I too found FREE trial commits you to a recurring and on going billing cycle UNLESS you cancel your account, I thought I had but obviously not. Call US customer service- that number actually works or log in and click on or where your photo is go to account settings then to billing history and in there is an option to cancel. I had tried to find this but until the customer service "gentleman" directed me I could not. Don't ask for a refund - wont happen, just be glad you got out of it. All the best Mike

I cancelled that last month.

I joined benaughty for a 3 day trial I then canceled my membership and requested they stop re billing which I found out they haven't. I am taking this to the Australian federal police about this fraud. I want my payment reimbursed

A trial offer was paid for then tried to cancel subscription but will not let me get through to this co called company It is (VALLETTA). I believe this is a bogus site. Would like to be able to talk to someone at this so called billing company.

I do not know whom is billing me, but I was hit twice this month already.

well let sue those company and tear it down. they stole our money and let fight back and give him hell!!

It's as they mentioned a website called many people don't know that part of the unsubscription is u need to call a number they give at the last step of the process and its based in Phillipines. U need to call and threaten them. Thats what I did a they refunded me 44.17 dollars.

This web site is an excuse that fraudulently separates people from their money through their own visa card. The multi-national Visa Corporation is in cahoots with this band of crooks along with your own banking company. Close your account, change your bank, and start again, before you loose any more money!

its a fuckwit co in malta. ones they have your c/card details ,they will bill you every month ,and there is no way you can cancel .the only way out is cancel your c/card account .

I got the cancel code emailed to me and then called 1-800-505-00292 and they canceled my membership. and emailed me a cancelation confirmation number.

this is criminal!!!

I logged onto the website to check it out as the information presented for the site I was interested in was very convoluted and MUCH more conservative than what actually popped up after I logged in. MAN was that a surprise and embarrassing! I was inundated with Instant messages (15, maybe 20 or so) and the pictures were really bad (slutty). The website showed nicely dressed ladies that wanted to meet. Did not expect what I saw after logging in. The following was the info from my bank. This is how they list their name: bill4tn0080050500292 VALLETTA ML VINCENTI. They ALSO withdraw other fees (7 in total) Here are the other fees: involved: Withdrawal CROSS-BORDER FEE (1) $-2.26

          Withdrawal CROSS-BORDER FEE (2)   $-4.81
          Withdrawal CROSS-BORDER FEE (3)   $-3.10

Look, if you want to chat with nice women- GO to church. Join a civic club or Volunteer your time at a food bank. Stay away from these stupid sites!

Block your card, get a new visa/credit card, then they cant charge whith reoccuring weekly payment.

I just checked my account and there is a deduction of 34.99 that was never authorized by me. i called up and cancelled my card! I tried a three day trial for 4 bucks and then you took 34.99 without my permission. By the way the website was bogus only allowed a short amount of messages so I did not even get the 3 day trial!

what a load of shit noticed a week ago these pricks were taking money out of my account without my permission and it kept saying this site

Everyone is just stupid for giving out there card info to merchants online and not reading terms and conditions like idiots!

Can you help? What is this charge?

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