TU *TRANSUNION 800-493-3292 CA

Learn about the "Tu *Transunion 800 493 3292 Ca " charge and why it appears on your credit card statement.

First seen on December 25, 2013, Last updated on July 18, 2019

What is it?

Discovered Transunion charged my MC without my authorization, discovered these charges started in September of 2017 therefore disputing three charges all together totaling in the amount of $59.85. Contacted my MC company and they are taking care of this for me.

I just found out I was charged $19.95 monthly since April. I never know this company nor their service. I called their customer service to cancel whatever plan I associated with them. And that guy wanted my SSN, full name, birthday & credit card #. What kind of company need all that information to cancel the service? I then called my credit card company (Bravo BOA!) and got my $$ back. Also a new credit card!

TU *TRANSUNION 800-493-3292 US, charging without ANY authorization

I was going through my charges on my account last night and found this monthly charge going back to May of 2019 for $21.35. The description for the charge was TU-TRANSUNION-800-493-3292-CA. I have never used any of these services nor have I ever talked to or authorized any transactions through this company.

This company is doing business under a false name and phone number. They are really these people. Charge Statement Code: TU TRANSUNION freescoresusa.com TransUnion 4447 North Central Expressway Suite 110 PMB 406 Dallas, Texas 75205 USA Phone Number:1-800-972-7204 Customer Service: 1-800-972-7204 Website: freescoresusa.com This is not the legitimate TransUnion. That is why when people actually call TransUnion they don't know who you are I think.

we paid for this service without our agreeing to it I called my credit co. gave me a new card and refunded what you have billed me. I received another months billing which I refuse to pay. I waNT THIS CANCELED. I did not ask for it.

This is a fraud. Same story as for many others on this thread. I reached out to my bank to dispute this charge and they are asking me call TransU to dispute the charge. What a joke. They are sneaking in charges to unsuspecting customers. Fraudulent cheats.

Billed my card 19.95. Explained that I did not read the fine print on attempted "free credit freeze". I told them I thought it was fraudulent to hide fee's in fine print of "free credit freeze". They disagree... Canceled as of today.

a complete scam I got taken as well as hundreds of others. Fortunately I have been with the same credit card company for years and they quickly took care of it. Do not give out any information to these scammers as they will be happy to take as much money as you will allow. Also, the first charge was for $1.00--just testing to make sure the charge will go thru and then they are off and running. My CC company was well aware of these people and wasted no time shutting down and refunding the fraudulent charges. I am not giving out my name just know that you can get the money credited to your account.

I looked at the Transunion site after discovering a $19.95 charge in my bank card. I then called them. They wanted my SSN, I only allowed them my last 4. I hope it wasn't a mistake to give them my credit card #. They then tried to say it was my significant other who ordered a membership. I didn't let that fly, so they decided to invoke an investigation, but I have to call them back up tomorrow to give them some information. Tomorrow I am taking the issue to our bank. It's fraud & they are getting into my time.

I applied for State Farm Insurance for car and house. as denied house insurance because of a accidental fire in detached garage with less than 7000.00 dollars damage when I tried to check out why this denied, I was told to call Exisnexis risk solutions to find out reason. They put me on to TU TRANSUNION. They wanted my s.s.nu.,credit card nu. and name,address and phone nu. I started filling in some info because I thought -they were licit. I stopped giving info and hung up ended the call before it was accepted. Next I check my credit card balance and there are two charges. $!.00 and$19.95. for TU TRANSUNION. I never got report . FRAUD!!!!!> canceled card and disputed charges. I want them to pay!!!

I have never authorized TU TRANSFUSION to charge me $19,95 through my credit card. I want to report to the public "it is just a fraud".

I saw another person post and basically say 'this is fraudulent because I signed up for a service without reading the fine print.' Although that is a shady business practice because you entered into an agreement with the company, the fact that you did not read the contract and clicked 'accept' is your problem--not theirs. Having said that, this bit me as well. I just paid for the three months that they charged me and clicked cancel. It's a lesson to read the fine print better next time...and cancel a service immediately if you are just doing a demo of it.

Card got charge $19.95 on my card without my authorization this is fraud !!!!??? Reported the fraud already

I had about 30 something bucks left in my checking account when I checked a few weeks ago. Then a week ago I checked it again, now my account is down to $7.97 smh the reason why is because I looked at my recent bank statement last night to find out something called TU *TRANSUNION that took $19.95 plus $1.00 out of my account on a subscription I never signed up for. I tried cancelling it online but for some reason they can't locate the "account" lol calling them didn't work either. I want this stop now

The same as above. I didn't suspect anything about $1.00 coming out a couple of times until now. Sunday, 8 May 2022 a transaction for $19.95 came up on my phone and I don't have anything that this amount I could associate. I called my bank and asked where this transaction came from, and she told me TRANSUNION. I don't have an association with them. She gave me the number and when I called, she wanted to know my entire SSN, full name, and full bank card number. I told her I wasn't going to do that. She pretended to look it up and told me she couldn't find anything unless I give her the information, she asked me for. I said no, and she proceeded to tell me the same line, I just hung up on her mid-sentence. I called the bank back and told them what happened, and then I cancelled my card. I will go tomorrow and pick up a new card. Now I have to call my streaming service and tell them. Does anyone know if any of the streaming services have an association with the fake TRANSUNION? PHILO, PLUTO?

I did not sign up for this service. I reported it to my Visa card representative and Visa will address this as a fraud transaction.

I just found that this company charged my debit card $1.00 then a week later charged $19.95 for something I never heard of. Have to dispute two charges on my bank account. And they tell me first to call the company that made the charge. What a waste of time and hard earned money.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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