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Also Appears on Statements As "ZAP*DEV ZAPPOS.COM 800-927-7671 NV"

What is it? online retailer of shoes, clothing, etc.

I have a $10 charge on my credit card - I called Zappos (the number on the card) and they were able to help me detect the fraud on my card. Call the number on your card - Zappos is a reputable online retailer and most likely, your card is being used by someone else through their site.

Sept-12 AT 13:07 ZAP*ZAPPOS.COM 800-927-7671 NV, $10. If this authorization or charge appears on the debit or credit card, unless you shopped online at, it's fraud. Check other charges on the card and contact your bank. (There is no point posting on '' that you want/request/demand/etc. a refund. Contact YOUR bank/credit card company directly.)

I have a 10$ charge, that I didn't make please take it off

Fraudulent Department through my bank called me this weekend letting me know my checking acct had been compromised and 2 transactions were made from my card,one was $200.00 for a heath fitness membership and another for Zappo's,the one for the fitness is in AZ and I live in NY and the zappo purchase was $10.00 and I have never even heard of them and I buy my shoes at wally world or payless shoe store,no way would I buy anything from them but fortunately the fraud department caught it and froze my acct until today!

I have a 10 dollar charge on my account from your company. This is fraudulent. Please reverse that transaction immediately

WOW!!!!! A lot of charges that people didn't make. I had one too. Had to cancel my ATM card for a new one. Never heard of ZAP. Only had $10.00 charged to my account. They didn't tell me how much would of been charged. They had that on hold.

I haven't order anything but I received usd$135.31 charge to my card please cancel the order and return back my money

Was contacted by bank. US$10 charge. Card cancelled. Card was used to purchase once from Amazon; card info was saved on Amazon. No other online purchases made with this card. Never shopped at Zappos.

A charge of $10.00 has been charged to my bank account and i didn't make the charge. Take it off my account.

I have a charge of $10.00 on my online banking. I didn't order anything from please reverse the charge. Thank you.

A charge from you is pending on my bank account. Please reverse the charges as I have NOT ordered anything from you in the amount of $156.96. I've sent my bank a notice. This PU is dated March 21, 2014.

I too had a fraudulent charge to this company on my bank card. My bank is disputing the charge.

I have not even hear of Zap* befor please take me off of your site and correct the charge of 10.00back to my bank Thank you


ZAP*ZAPPOS.COM 800-927-7671 NV

Charge of $10.83 on my credit card this is not a purchase of mine Please Cancel

01 May 2014 PENDING - ZAP*ZAPPOS.COM 800-927-7671 NV -$10.83

i received a charge for $195.00 usd and I haven't use my card, I will demand you. how can we fix that? I don't even use zappos.

have a charge on my credit card of 10.00 not ordered by me want it credited to my card

I haven't order anything but I received usd$135.31 charge to my card please cancel the order and return back my money

I have a charge of $10.70 on my bank statement. I did not make this purchase. You need to correct this ASAP. Thankyou

cvi cleverbridge

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Also Appears on Statements As