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DNH*GODADDY.COM 480-505-8855 AZ


What is it?

I had a recurring charge from GoDaddy as well...I called their number in Alberta and told them I did not want these Domain's...the man I spoke to was very helpful, he cancelled the recurring charge and has refunded my money. For anyone needing this number call 1-480-505-8855 - that is GoDaddy's offices.

I had a recurring charge from GoDaddy. I called 1-480-505-8855. The person said they could not reimburse the monthly charge as it was pasted the 48hr period. He told me he could only black list my credit card. He could not refunded my money. I called credit card company. I will get money back and credit card was cancelled.

No, no, no Godaddy never charged a credit card that i used once for another internet service and i always used paypal to pay them.

Today i saw a statement in the credit card summary, that DNH*GODADDY used a credit card that they (godaddy) didn't knew anything about.

The only link that godaddy have is my google mail account used in conjonction with a domain name that i have with godaddy.

For example i own a domaine name with godaddy and this domain name was paid with my paypal account.

But my email is managed by google. Google doesn't accepted any paypal transactions. So i have to pay it with a credit card.

They only way Godaddy could see the credit card account was by stealing it from my google account. And that's something that i call a steal and a fraud.

any body used my card to pay godaddy on 29March 2014 with exact value 37.86. can you please check who did it and it is givinf DNH*Godaddy. on my statement. I do not pay on that date any money.

I have a charge that i have no idea about why is this.. i cancelled card

Refunded , my problemed has been solved by online chat of Japanese office. my company credit card was charged 11 case from DNH*GODADDY.COM, US. without any purchase. i tried to ask for help from GODADDY site and no much help. Until i tried Japanese site of Godaddy and they responds qucikly. First you need to ask for Credit card problem, (make sure you call the bank to close temporary your card.) they will ask you to click on credit card (Snow) . click it and fill your card information. They will let you know what purchase you are having. in my case, 11 case of buying Domain which is not usual, they said my card was using for buying many domains, so They confirmed it is a fraud. So they told me that they will refund to the bank within a week, that is all. i am happy i found an answer to the problem. i hope your problem can be solved too.

I have never had an account with GODADDY.COM i noticed a charge to my bankcard for $13.22 I removed all money from that card and i called 480-505-8855 to get my money back. the lady was quick to help and checked found an account under my name but canceled it quickly and set it so i would get a refund.

The samw happened to me. How do i get your money back?

so i called godaddy about a $500 odd renewal premium for office 365, i called the number on my credit card from BC Canada - 480-505-8855, 80 minutes i was on the phone for and guess what - long distance!!! $64.80 in phone charges. what a damn con! why dont they publish their toll free number. I can ill afford such a huge charge for one call. Sick right now.

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Email: Website:

I have not bought a domain name or website hosting or anything else like that, so why do I have charges to GoDaddy on my card? The card has been cancelled so thanks for the hassle & inconvenience, you lazy do-not-want-to-work-so-let's-steal-someone-else's-card-details SOBs!

my bank account was hacked yesterday and a huge amount appears sent to; i blocked the card yesterday but this transaction appears today and those money are gone; i need it back,it's a fraud; is it possible that my bank make a refund ?

I have been charged for two months for DNH Domain Hosting Srvcs 480-6242500 AZ. I don't have any services with this Hosting Site. Who's the culprit for ripping off people? Namaste

I have canceled the web hosting services with DNH Domain/Hosting 3 times already (more than a year ego)They still doing unauthorized withdrawal from my MC card account. Look like I need to unleash my lawyer on this scumbags.

                 J Palinko


I called the number in these comments to get help with this fraudulent charge and the representative asked for a phone number and then asked for the credit card number. There is no proof that this is legit. I have in no way authorized a charge for anything related to

My bank will investigate this - but it sure does leave me with a bad feeling.

I need to update my credit card

I was charged 150 nzd for a domain or site I did not use on the 27th of feb, please fix this asap

It's OK. Please Check anywhere you have purchased domains. Many sites are actually godaddy resellers websites. They can be called ANYTHING (i.e. and you probably purchased a domain or hosting from them.

All my DNH*Domain/Hosting charges are from (which is a reseller at great prices) and are valid renewal charges in my case.

You most likely received an email from the (name of where you purchased domain/hosting) on the same/near the date. If you didn't make sure that you don't have an old email address in your account as people change their emails and wonder why they don't get the notice of renewals.

Again, CHECK ANYWHERE you have your domains/hosting/websites and you'll probably see the charge for auto and manual renewals. When you have a DNH* charge it may be with your 'other' domain account and probably not a godaddy's main website account. sells domain names, website hosting and various other web services and products. This charge is probably for a domain or website.

Some one got hold of my Credicard and Ihad a charge of $251.64 for DNH* phone # 480 505 8855 AZ I'm canceling this card

Someone got hold of my work card and I had numerous charges for DNH* (480-505-8855, AZ) I work in Australia and I have since cancelled this card.


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