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Also Appears on Statements As "GOOGLE *SUPERCELL GOOGLE.COM/CH CA"

What is it?

Fuck u and ur stupid website for taking money that aint urs!!!

Over $400 was charged on my account from google supercell games etc. and I had not even known what supercell was before. I'm getting my money back all you have to do is go to your bank and report fraud and write a statement ,but have to get a new card and all that inconvenient stuff , definitely fraud! -.-

I just randomly checked my bank account as I do each week, and I was shocked to find that I had 38 charges to my account from Google*Supercell!!!! These charges were for $4.99, $9.99, $19.99, and $49.99, and they all occured multiple times in the last few days. I immediately called my bank to report that the charges were not authorized and had to cancel my bank card and file a fraud report. Now, I have to go through all the steps of waiting for and activating a new card and filing a report! I am beyond pi**ed because these charges in all amounted to $519.62 and nearly put my bank account in the negative. I was also advised by my bank to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as apparently according to this forum as well as my bank, this company has multiple complaints by consumers for the same thing!

I also had over $200.00 in "supercell" charges. Actually got through to a live person through the "google play" phone customer service. (855)-836-3987. They told me hadn' t heard about anyone else going through what I am going through. Everyone should call so that they can see how many people are being affected by this. I believe google was hacked and compromised. Everyone needs to call and tell them what charges they have on their accts.

Android app purchase of either "Hay Day" or "Clash of Clans"

I recieved the same charges for Google Super Cell. I don't game and didn't even know I had a Google account. If you have ever paid to download any Google app (and you may not even be aware that app's you download are from Google) then your information has been stored in Google Wallet and this is linked to your Google account. Someone hacked my account and going through my settings, gave permission for their device (cell phone) to be linked to my account. They then used the credit card information stored in the Google Wallet attached to my account to make the purchases. The Google rep I spoke to was very helpful. I explained the situation and she walked me through the steps to protect the account/remove the account and to contact their team to report/investigate the fraud and get a refund. I called 1-855-836-3987. They were helpful and said it would only take a few days. I also called my credit card company and cancelled my card. I will dispute the charges through them also. Thanks to all who also posted their advice.

Google Play @ 1-855-836-3987 They also gave this e-mail as a place to complain to

I was charged 4 charges to "GOOGLE *Supercell GOOGLE.COM/CHCAUS" for 99.99, 99.99. 9.99 and 4.99.

Called my bank and reported them as fraud and Google Play @ 1-855-836-3987 they say it may take up to 14 days to refund the charges

They also gave this e-mail as a place to complain to

Received a credit card bill for $3,589 this weekend. Over 350 purchases from GOOGLE - SUPERCELL in three days!!!!!! What the hell?!?!!? No emails from google about the purchases, don't even have the stupid apps downloaded. Bunch of freaking crooks!!!! I will be removing all payment info from my Google Play account. Glad I have fraud protection on my credit card but this is ridiculous and should be illegal.

Ur takin my money without reason?!?!?!?! I DIDNT BY ANYTHING!!!

I never bought anything or gave my card and somehow I ended up alright 200 charges equalling over $150 in one day! Unbelievable!

I have over 200$ in charges for GOOGLE * Supercell - I don't even know what this is????? I will be cancelling my Credit card and reporting this as fraud as well. I am so pissed off

Over $400 was charged on my account from google supercell games etc. and I had not even known what supercell was before. I'm getting my money back all you have to do is go to your bank and report fraud and write a statement ,but have to get a new card and all that inconvenient stuff , definitely fraud! -.-

Call and speak with a representative from Google Play @ 1-855-836-3987. They will in turn submit you an email to file and to have the money possibly refunded the representative can not speak for wallet specialist that will contact you 1-2 business days after the report is filed. I would recommend removing all credit card information from Google Wallet so that charges will not appear on your credit card again in the future.

They charged 5x 89.99 from my Bank Account this is a mo***cking RIP OFF COMPANY ! I even don't have a android phone... hopefully my bank will refund the money...

Ur takin my money without reason?!?!?!?! I DIDNT BY ANYTHING!!!I have received a statement from the bank and i noticed that GOOGLE *Supercell GOOGLE COM/CH have charged a me which I have not buy anything from GOOGLE please refund the money or otherwise I need to make a Police report. I have been charged a total of HKD 788,00. I'll need an Refund immediately. Or else Action would to be taken likewise stated.Chest of Gems (Clash of Clans) HK$788.00 May 11, 2014

Seven charges over the past 5 days, each USD 100,- (as its equivalent in CZK) Claiming this with my bank. All processed by Supercell

I just recieved 7 unauthorised transactions witht the description GOOGLE SUPERCELL.R each charging £69.99 each totalling to 490. I am so angry right now

Was charged 99.99 multiple times until both my savings and checking was cleared called into google and was made to feel as if I was irresponsible. This is a fraud. Luckily my financial institution was great and put the money back in my account. Google was no help and extremely rude.

I live in Brazil and i was charged 228$ for this too. Two charges in one day. Its global. Someone is making a lot of money. Absurd!!

over $6000 in 3 days takent from my account. $130.75 every transaction until my credit limit was reached. from a company called GOOGLE *SUPERCELL. I have never paid for anything using this account other then Home bills through my bank. The bank did not notify us. We realised after 3 days ourselves.

Dear All, I am mother of a 10 years old boy. We bought a tablet for his 10th anniversary and leave the credit card details saved inside (stupid me!) while buying an online game. My son played Clash of Clans and used Playstore to buy, without telling me, in-apps for 1790,45 euros (!!!). I was shocked when I discovered, and wrote to Google Play who reimbursed me only 166,38 euro. I was desperate, going to the Police, consulting the legal service from my institution, and tried a very last email to who REIMBURSED ME the rest of 1624,04 euro!!! I couldn't shut up and not spreading out this amazing experience. THANK YOU, Clash of Clans!!!

I have also been charged for money that I had nothing to do with

These guys have taken yet another 140 pound out my acct not happy at all im taking this further im gonna get a law suit against you now that moneys not yours so stop taking it you knob heads

Saturday I was charged 12 times 99.99$ for 1200$ total. Same as the others, Supercell games. I will also request a refund from Google at the number mentioned. I agree that Google is damaging his Brand name with this. And I removed my Credit Card from Google wallet.

4.99 for gems ended costing me 40.00. rip off!!!!!

I have the same fraud!!! Im charged 89,99 EUROS FOR NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT SHALL I DO NOW?

These guys have took £69.99 out of my acct twice for no reason on the same day ive reported it to the police and the bank and your gonna get a law suit againts you for taking money thats not yours

I have twenty five charges on my bank account and they range from$1.99 to 19.99 numerous times a day. I just got my statement and I'm really not happy this needs taken care of. I'm having my bank helpme out with what to do since I'm just getting off work and hVe to wait till tomorrow..

El problema que tengo es que yo no lo hice compras ,realmente un cobro indebido me lo hicieron.....en mi tarjeta de crédito ...solicito reembolsen todo lo cobrado la supuesta compra es a partir del 05.08.15 al 28.08.15 se imaginan la cantidad ...eso no puede ser es una estafa.........

I was charged 2 X Times 91EURO's for nothing! I dot not even have my google account OR app store that is connected to my creditcard! So I would REALLY like to know HOW THE HELL YOU GOT MY CARD INFORMATION!!!!! And I would like these purchases to BE CANCELLED AND REFUNDED. And the account who made the purchases with my card CANCELED AND REMOVED!

Not sure why the charges are so much but I did give my son my card to "buy" something from a game called Clash of Clans to "but gems to upgrade and get higher ranking." Neither he nor I understood that there would be a charge each and every time. He used it twice, although there were three charges on my card. Needless to say, we have disputed the one charge and closed that card out so no more charges can be made on it. Google is obviously taking advantage by charging so much and so often. Shame on them.

How to fix the problem with the charge. WE had the same problem with our tablet and kids buying stuff :/ All sorted and thank GOD only $26 later not like the many stories above! All the best with it...Deb

11 consecutive charges of AUD109.99 on my debit MC - Receipts received in my personal email. Fraud case lodged and card stopped. 1 week later another 11 consecutive charges of AUD109.99 by direct debit from my savings account.


Wow! So glad I googled this. Fortunately, my charges only added up to about $50. I don't even have a high tech phone with apps and have never heard of google games or a google wallet. Sure hope someone does something about this and that you all get your money back. My bank is taking care of mine.

We just got robbed over $5,000 grand for Google supercell!!!! We are in shock! !&$@*

Opened my bank account & there were several charges within a couple of days - drained my account - don't have a google anything. Called the number someone else posted - put on hold for 10 min - then got another person - on hold for another 10 min - said they couldn't find transactions - They did e-mail me a letter to send to my bank to get the money back into my account.

I have 40 or 50 charges to my debit card that I did not authorized. I want my money refunded to me

I just seen a charge when I checked my online banking. all you have to do is go to your bank to get your money refunded. You will probably have to get a new debit/credit card...however the purchase was made.

Five 99.99 purchaces were made on my visa I want my money back.

i'm getting charged for the same thing like the comments above i went to my bank and got new card guess what? the did the same thing with my new card that i had to cancel again!! this is a fraud! can't believe it we awere people

Do you have children who have the Games hay Day or clash of Clans? Check Out their google wallet Statement on Then log in with their google id and password. Some of you will be surprised. I'm working for a creditcard Company. And sadly in 95% it was the Child.

I also have just been ripped for £70 by this - will I definitely get it back if go to the bank. Do I need proof?

I checked my bank account this afternoon and was absolutely livid when I saw that $729.85 had been fraudently charged to my bank card from supercell Apparently this occurred a few days ago but did not appear on my bank statement until now. I did not now or never have purchased anything from the web site, and I want a refund immediately from google. I went to my bank and they had to destroy my bank card and order a new one. This is information to report fraudulent charges to my bank account. I now must worry about bounced checkes and automatic payments taken from my account (not enough money to cover them). I have no idea how someone hacked my account, but I expect to be contacted by you immediately at 304-623-7604 (work--3:15p eastern time). My home number is 304-842-9488. Thank you for your quick response.

I was charge over 2,000 on 2 acts of 99.00 each for each game,come on guys this is obvious fraud,well it is all going to be look at by both cards and I have file for investigation toward your company and this is in process now. We have technology today that could obviously pick up this problem!

this is the second card that google has charged a bunch of charges for things I never bought, 55 charges on 1 card and 4 on the other, Your criminals and should be in jail!!!!!!

You are all playing Clash of Clans and buying the Gems or something to advance yourselves or in my case, you child is doing it. Remove the CC from your google wallet.

I was charged on Jan. 31st 4.99 then from that date I have been charged 65 times from 4.99 to 9.99. This is highway robbery Google you have a problem.

I was charged $9.99 on a bank card not linked to my Google Play account for: PURCHASE AUTHORIZED ON 05/24 GOOGLE *Supercell GOOGLE.COM. The Google Play account is on a throw-away email address, too. Not my personal email account. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW they got my bank card number. I called and disputed the charge only to have my bank uncover that there was a similar charge on March 4 2015 for 9.99 to Google Disney that I missed. Google Play / Supercell / Disney - get your house in order! You're allowing fraud to run wild. And profiting. Stop it.

My wife noted a change in her account. The bank statement arrived today. Between $750 and $800 dollars just GONE! Like others, $9.99, $19.99, $4.99, sometimes multiple times a day. Grandson had purchased something for $19.99 that she knew about but that opened the door.

What a rip off.

Just an FYI for some people - make sure you're checking your statements. My fiance downloaded Clash of the Clans a few days ago and inherently put his CC info on there just in case to purchase extra whatever (I don't play). Stupid move on his part, in my opinion. NEVER put your CC stuff on anything for any games!!! Good lord. Anyways, he bought something for 9.99. Guess it froze and hit refreshed a couple of times - well - each time it refreshed it charged him another 9.99. So, altogether it was $40, meaning to only be a $10 purchase. I let him know today since the charges were pending, and he officially removed his CC information. face palm. Love the guy, but seriously you guys have no common sense when it comes to gaming....

Why have supercell been taking money out of my account they're charging me £3.99 and £7.99 and ive never contacted them or gave my card number and it doesn't help when I'm on benefits

8/21/14 just had 5 x $21.49 taken out of my pay pal credit card all with-in less than a minute. Reported to pay pal card, is off the list now. But up to ten days to wait for replacement. Up to 60 days to get my $$$$ stolen which was to pay my electric bill. NEVER heard of google super cell??? never bought from them. I have a smart phone that support's google calling my phone co. to see if to take off ? I may just drop my pay pal credit card too. The FBI needs to trace this and jail bird these people. After all these reads from other victims this looks to be huge and no warnings out? 10x10x10x10 I cast out upon you men of theft and lie , your deeds of criminal by hands you can die. Sick you will be by the black feather of a dove , I sent is casting out to where ever you may be form beside you below of above. No place to run no place can you hide. 10x10x10x10x10 back at you for your evils of deed. As I will so mote it be.

To those who feel the need to make you look stupid because these must monthly charges you forgot about, your child subscribed to, your child or spouse is responsible for... come on people! This just pisses me off. I don't have a child, my spouse doesn't have my credit card info and I don't subscribe to anything. Somebody hacked into a company I (you) made business with, stole credit card info and then sold it. Now you're the victim. I'm the victim too. At least our credit card companies are refunding our money or rejecting the charges as they come in, just like mine. Yes, I want to punish these bastards but they're probably somewhere on another continent laughing their asses off.

I do not use anything but I keep getting a credit card bill of Rp. 1,199,000 i want my money back!!!!

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Over $800 was charged on my account from google supercell game and I did not even known what supercell was. This is obvious fraud!

I have a fraud charge for $99.99, and when calling customer service. (855)-836-3987, once talking with the right department, she just hung up the phone on me. Credit card automatically called me and shut account down so I`m safe there

lots of charges 4.99 9.99 19.99

I went to book xmas flights,which I had been saving up for,and discovered google cell had taken everything from my visa/debit card all in one day without my consent or knowledge!!! This has caused such a hassle,and my bank said they are unsure whether they will reimburse me,and will investigate who is at fault.THATS JUST GREAT!!!!!Someone hacks/or uses my visa card and I have to prove what happened,this is appalling google!Sort it out,and stop this fraud.

I have received a statement from the bank and i noticed that GOOGLE *Supercell GOOGLE COM/CH have charged a me few times which I have not buy anything from GOOGLE please refund the money or otherwise I need to make a Police report. I have been charged a total of SGD 29.06. I'll need an Refund immediately. Or else Action would to be taken likewise stated.

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I had the horrible displeasure of having my bank account raped by this company. Rape does mean taking something without permission. This is what happened to me exactly on 8-3-15. I paid my Netflix account online as I have done for several years now, and when I went to the ATM the next day to get some money out to pay my rent, I had insufficient funds. I knew this had to be a mistake, when I had just had a deposit of over $1000 made on the 8-3-15. After this deposit I had only one transaction, I paid my Netflix monthly charge of $11.99,... $12.98 with tax. After several attempts to get money out, I was forced to call my bank and check my balance. That's when to my horror, I found that I had 13 authorized (which were unauthorized actually) transactions. There were 9 for $99.99, 2 for $49.99, 1 for $19.99, and the last one for $4.99. I was totally ticked off, because I needed to pay rent. Luckily I have a history of paying rent on time and notified my landlord of the circumstances. I did notify my bank, and they in turn filed a fraud report and did get my money credited back to my account 2wks later. This company wherever, or whoever they are should be put out of business. From the looks of the posts above, this has been happening since 2014. August of 2015 it is still happening!!!

Tengo un cargo en la tarjeta de crédito de 89.99€.la financiera no sabe de donde es.nesecitan una denuncia de la policia y después investigarán el caso.cancelar la tarjeta para evitar futuros fraudes

Several charges to my credit card today, all were $19.40 each and one for $1.94. My credit card company froze my account and called me to inquire about possible fraud. Fraud was confirmed, they cancelled my cards, credited me back the fraudulent charges and are overnighting me our new cards with a new account number. I do not have my cc information saved, nor have I purchased any apps through Google Play, my children do not have smart phones so they didn't either. Not sure how this happened, but I'm highly irritated. Thank God for my cc company early fraud detection division. The biggest problem with this is A) how do I keep it from happening again... B) I have to contact nearly a dozen companies to update my cc information for my automatic billing/payment plans. Absolutely ridiculous! :-/

I have had money taken out of my account by this company four times...the amounts are for $9.99, $9.99, $19.99 and $0.99. I am on disability and can not afford to have my money stolen from companies that have nothing better to do. I want my money back asap otherwise I report to the better business bureau. Also do not take any more money from my account...lose any information you have on me and find something productive to do with your life other then steal money that does not belong to you.

i also got sms notif from my bank about these suspicious transactions, call the bank and know all from google supercell. there are 5 frauds occured about Rp 1.500.000,- in total. after i cancelled my cc, there are more sms notif about unsuccesful frauds. i thought the fuk is still tried to get more and more again. BEWARE!!! DESTROY your cc and request new one, Make file DISPUTE letter to bank, CHANGE your google's password. REMOVE any cc info and your details from GOOGLE WALLET. it is not secure!!!

-- i thought this happened when you forgot logging out. google did not apply the expired session, so the thief can easily access your google wallet! --

-- the reason why the thief using supercell because it is not easy to trace the transactions --

thats's just my opinion.. i will ever never used google wallet again even google take action about these fraud seriously!!!

Just found a supercell google charge on my bank acct. Pulled up this site. How can there be so many people complaining about theft yet nothing happens to the perpetrator? Why aren't there safeguards in place? Everyone wrongfully but effectively gets their hands on my hard earned money. I'm so sick of financing the greedy at my struggling expense!

I have been charged $697. that took place over a few days with multiple charges happening just seconds apart. I have contacted google but was told I need to file fraud charges with my back. I filed the paper work with my back and was notified that even though they had flagged the charges as possible fraud before I even realize what was going on they will not refund my money because I made the first purchase.
Has anyone considered taking legal action against google?

Ask your kids....these charges are for game apps. Supercell is the maker of the games. So, I would ask all of you, who has been playing games on your phone or tablet? :)

All the below charges are fraud and I did not charge these. There's no number to call on my bank statement. I would like a refund.

CHECKCARD 1226 GOOGLE Supercell GOOGLE.COM/CHCA 24692163360000265240369 CHECKCARD 1225 GOOGLE Supercell GOOGLE.COM/CHCA 24692163359000126188057 CHECKCARD 1225 GOOGLE Supercell GOOGLE.COM/CHCA 24692163359000068786322 CHECKCARD 1225 GOOGLE Supercell GOOGLE.COM/CHCA 24692163359000068717707 CHECKCARD 1225 GOOGLE Supercell GOOGLE.COM/CHCA 24692163359000067509923 CHECKCARD 1225 GOOGLE Supercell GOOGLE.COM/CHCA 24692163359000047024332 CHECKCARD 1225 GOOGLE Supercell GOOGLE.COM/CHCA 24692163359000047276254 CHECKCARD 1223 GOOGLE Supercell GOOGLE.COM/CHCA 24692163357000246584690 CHECKCARD 1223 GOOGLE Supercell GOOGLE.COM/CHCA 24692163357000245456734 CHECKCARD 1223 GOOGLE Supercell GOOGLE.COM/CHCA 24692163357000245418627 CHECKCARD 1223 GOOGLE *Supercell GOOGLE.COM/CHCA 24692163357000231500362

I say lets sue!! This is absolutely outrageous!! There's so many people here, we can sue them and end Supercell!

I just looked into my bank statement and they withdraw $125 dollars from that site Google supercell I didn't even know that it existed I want my money back.....

I was charge numbers of time for coin for some clash of the clan number#017442 for 19.99, 017146 for 4.99, 017121 for 9.99, 017987 for 4.99 and last 017501 for 4.99. This was all charge to my credit card and i would like my money bill back to my card. Or call me at 9097496603

This is really bad. Account got hacked 57 times. Resolving the Fraud issue with my bank. But seems like Google should care that their brand name is being used to massive fraud.

Unauthorized charges to my account. I have been refunded by my bank but this is unacceptable.

Charges day to day back to back 19.99 4.99 these people are taking my money band this super cell crap

got charged over 600 dollars and had to cancel my bank card and file a report for fraud with my bank! called google and they acted like they couldn't hear me and said they would send me an email and hung up and never sent me an email! They are liars and theifs!!


In my case it was a child who had unwisely been given debit card details by her mother (both are in trouble).

Google Play customer support (in the UK 0843 504 2212) handled it swiftly and issued a refund. I did point out to the call handler that Supercell (who make Clash of Clans) are obviously intentionally confusing kids for profit (or at best misjudging their audience / have poor UI). This reflects badly on Google since theirs is the recognisable name on the bank statement. But Google's rake off is significant... Are they being evil or incompetent? Over to you Larry....

I live in Indonesia. My billing statement today includes an unauthorized transaction from Google *supercell GOOGLE.COM/CH GBR for 9,800 JPY. What the heck? I never save my card numbers in any google accounts. How did they get my credit card number anyway? All I can do is just calling the bank and reporting this as a fraud. But I still have to wait for another week as they said they need to investigate first. Can someone really "hit" the google people about this?


These charges are for in app purchases for the supercell game. It is popular amongst children. More than likely you or your child is playing the game and not realizing that you are being charged. It is not likely a fraudlent person is hacking your google account and buying things in a game. I would recommend speaking to the people in your home before calling your bank.

I was charged $464.20 for Google Super Cell. However, I simply called my credit card company and they immediately reported it as fraud and removed those charges from my billing. I also checked with Google and it appears the breach was at the credit card company and not at Google.

this is a pain, u guys take mony from my bank accont pls stop it , i want my mony back . so pleace stop it all, supercell go take 694,00 dkkr 3 times at the same day stop it pleace now

Henrik Petersen


Over 300 dollars in Google supercell charges that i want back! I don't have money to burn!!!!

5 charges take against my account on the same day from my Deutsche Bank account in Spain by this Google Supercell. Only 50€ as that’s all there was there, thank God.

Fortunately I don’t use Credit Cards anymore, only debit cards in order to avoid this type of problem. I started some time ago to just move a little money by Internet over on to my debit account as and when I need it, so they only got 59€. That way they can’t get to the principal account.

Never heard of Google supercell before today, sure have now though. My Bank is covering it and issuing a new card but what a hassle.

I can’t believe that VISA are so slow to react to this fraud as it’s obviously a massive problem/scam going on all the complaints on the Internet.

Bet it’s Eastern Europeans or Nigerians. Probably both. Scum people.

GOOGLE *SUPERCELL took over $6000 from my account in 3 days. $130.75 every transaction untill my credit limit was reached. Plus $3.45 for Foreign transaction fee. I have never used this account for anything other then paying home bills through the banks website. 3 days of this without the bank noticing. Hopefully the bank see's fraud and refunds me the money.

I just found 2 charges to my visa for $9.99 each both done on 4/15/2014. I didn't buy a damn thing from Google nor do I even know what to hell super cell is. I will have a field day with this, I work hard for my money and sure as hell dont hand it off to thieves!

charge on my credit card for 19.99!! CLASH OF CLANS... first ever time I paid for stuff in an online or phone game....

don't let your kids play games on your phone, download music, or anything... they don't know and your a bad parent for blaming fraud... when its probably your own kid.

Get that s**t on lock down..

Today I was charged approximately $100 on my credit card from Google Supercell...I never heard of this company name either. I do not purchase A THING from the company!!!!!! Thankfully, Discover had already heard about fraud issues, and the charges were reversed. Of course, a new card had to be ordered. I hate people who steal money!!! I am also filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau!!!!

Was just charged $99.99 from Google. Com/ch what the hell is that?

Google Wallet got hacked, almost 200 Euro charges from Supercell. I do not have downloaded any of their apps. SC told me I have to ask Google for refund. Google please, get your things together and make this save!!

saya tidak menggunakan apa apa namun credit card saya terus mendapatkan tagihan senilai Rp. 1.199.000 saya ingin uang saya kembali

My bank called me and asked about these charges. I didn't purchase anything. But I don't know. I received the charge of 99$ on my international card. They(Google super-cell) charged 3 times in one day then total is 300$. what the heck? how can I contact and report to them for international card?

I received charges of 63.86 on my credit card also. I had to call my credit card several times and call google supercell - it is a pain - please check your credit cards thoroughly each month. This is not fun!!!!

I was charge over 2,000 on 2 acts of 99.00 each for each game,come on guys this is obvious fraud,well it is all going to be look at by both cards and I have file for investigation toward your company and this is in process now. We have technology today that could obviously pick up this problem!

charged 99.99 five times in one day but my bank called me urgent and blocked the payments.Asked me not to pay bill. it will make bank easy to deal. instead bank payback me.Immediately bank cancelled the card.

Five 99.99 purchaces were made on my visa I want my money back.

Same thing hapend to me guys ... And i was so pissed ..i never used my credit card for the fast few months ...called my bank and they were good to cacel my card and send new one .... And i am all set ...these Ass Holes need to be bail down ...

I got hack On this Fkcng Site!....omg!....he get $1000 on me!...BS this...Band This SitE!

25543286B800BGGPDSM 9.99 554386B900N0MQ24M 7.99 5543286BQ00VXS6EGM 4.99 5543286BQ00X6GF6XM 14.00 5543286QR00DN2GQMM 15.99

I am sorry tis happened to all of you but the same thing just happened to me and I thought I was the only one. Thanks for raising awareness.

I really can't believe nothing has been done yet. It just blows my mind that frigging VISA AND OUR BANKS that want our service are doing nothing about this Fraudulent situation. I just received my visa bill and got hit for 99.99 7x and one for 19.99 us money with a total of $828.65 with this many people that have posted their situation I just don't get why nothing has been done. These people that have been doing this should be caught shot and pissed on. however as far as getting good our money back your banking get institutions and visa should be paying everyone because they both have insurance for these situations. Good luck everyone and I really hope they nail THESE ASS-HOLES.

take down this fucking website they are frauding all these people

GOOGLE *Supercell GOOGLE.COM/CHCB charged 6 times total ZAR769.94 = $70 all on one day June 2014. This was a new card (and Paypal 'harassed' me constantly on updating the new details) and since (2014) only used locally (pin) and on Amazon and Steam internet transactions. Is a breach of security at Paypal to blame? One other possibility is my 13 year old giving VISA info to Google Wallet as previously stated. His access to the Steam account is locked until further notice. Google Play Store is set to require a password for (accidental?) purchases. I am now in the process of acquiring a new card (with more cost).

I just got dinged for about $230 + just on 8/24/14. No wonder Google's stock is very expensive. Guess they needed to shore up the assets as the 3rd.Q financial reports are coming quick.

I was paying my credit card bill and noticed that my account was over the limit! I checked my recent transactions and saw that I had been charged over $500 in Google supercell charges. First, I don't play games. Second, I own an iPhone - not an android device. I called Google after reading this site and was told by Google that they would not be able to refund my money because the charges appeared legitimate. I explained to them that there is no way I would authorize those kind of charges and that I wanted my money back. They acted like they knew nothing of this situation and put it on me and my kids. I expected more from Google. Google doesn't care about any of us; they only care about the hard earned money they are ripping off us. There should be someway we can report Google and make a public statement about this. I am calling the BBB to report Google. I am also calling my bank to report these fraudulent charges.


Tengo un cargo en la tarjeta de crédito de 89.99€.la financiera no sabe de donde es.nesecitan una denuncia de la policia y después investigarán el caso.cancelar la tarjeta para evitar futuros fraudes

Found charges on my banking statement from Google "Supercell" ranging from $4.99 - $49.99 totaling $774.35!!! NO PURCHASES WERE EVER MADE AND THESE WERE UNAUTHORIZED CHARGES! This is flat out fraud and is being handled as fraud by my bank and reported to the Better Business Bureau as Fraud. A letter to the States Attorney General may be coming soon!

After reading this, i realize how lucky i got. Only charged $10. The bank stopped the card immediately and said that they turned down several more charges over the next couple of days

I have 3 charges each for 99.99 all on the same day..... WTF

£69.99 x 2 was wrongly charged on my account overnight. My bank thought the transactions were dubious and rang me to query. They've subsequently cancelled my debit card that the transactions came out of and I'll need a new card and pin. Curiously the transactions happened over the long Easter weekend. Maybe the frauds terms thought was a good time to get away with the scam

I am sorry tis happened to all of you but the same thing just happened to me and I thought I was the only one. Thanks for raising awareness.

I have two charges for $100 each. I called the bank had to cancel my debit card. I had to call google and something about Google Wallet with an outdated phone that wouldn't have my new bank card information because I just got a new card in January of this year. I haven't had that number in years. I just have charges on my account saying GOOGLE *supercell. For those claiming otherwise, my passwords and cards are secure. No one can access that information because I am concerned with identity theft. It isn't my kids or myself. This is some sort of manipulative money scheme. If you see these charges I recommend get in touch with your bank and Google and file the claims.

I was just charged to charges of $99.99 & $100.99 by these cowards. I wish they was about fighting me for that same $200.

Dear All, I am mother of a 10 years old boy. We bought a tablet for his 10th anniversary and leave the credit card details saved inside (stupid me!) while buying an online game. My son played Clash of Clans and used Playstore to buy, without telling me, in-apps for 1790,45 euros (!!!). I was shocked when I discovered, and wrote to Google Play who reimbursed me only 166,38 euro. I was desperate, going to the Police, consulting the legal service from my institution, and tried a very last email to who REIMBURSED ME the rest of 1624,04 euro!!! I couldn't shut up and not spreading out this amazing experience. THANK YOU, Clash of Clans!!!

I have had $126.94 removed from my account from GOOGLESupercell and GOOGLEMidas in the last 2 days. I don't even own an android device!!! Luckily my bank is refunding my money but in the mean time they had to destroy my debit card.

We had the same thing, currently discussing with our bank in New Zealand. We had 7 unauthorised withdrawals from our business account of $137.61 New Zealand Dollars converted to Hong Kong Dollars and the purchase on the statement is showing Google *Supercell. We do not buy games and have never heard of supercell before today.

For the person who stated that 99% of the time the culprit is someone in your family - I can state that it is not the case - at least not for me. Neither my spouse, my son (who lives in another state), nor my grandchildren (4 & 3 years old) have access to my credit card, nor would they use them for this purpose if they did. I have never used Google Wallet. And yet I had 9 charges on the same day for Google Supercell. I guess I should be glad they weren't for $20,000 like the last poor fellow! I didn't even know what Google Supercell was until I looked it up. I guess Google Supercell is making so much money off of these fraudulent charges that they have no incentive to keep this from happening. Fortunately my credit card company will delete the charges as I've reported them as fraudulent.

Ripped off, bank no help. How shameful of you to take money from people. Hope you sleep well at night knowing full well you are stealing. Quite happy to bag you and your company and most of all your games.

I NEVER check my bank statements,but what led me to was when my account became overdrawn,naturally,i checked,and that was the first time i noticed this charge. I figured,all right,i KNOW i didn't buy SHIT,but JUST in case,let me remove my credit card info from Google Wallet. I assumed that fixed my problem,but a week later,the SAME shit,both were only $4.99,but on top of an over draft fee,FUUUUCK that. So i went to my bank and explained i would like to get a new CC and number,that is the only sure fire way to stop it. They did just that,and apparently,these weren't the first time. When the clerk called the Claims dept or w/e,they discovered they charged me $19.99 back in March,i was like whaaaaaat. But mind its not GOOGLE just staright up jacking your money. Maybe you lent your card for your sister,friend, significant other for Clash of Clans Diamonds. That is one of the most common sources for this problem,you know,when the charges began. DO NOT IGNORE THIS CHARGE. It will NOT go away on its own,demonstrated by the other poor souls on this page,getting charges hundreds of thousands of dollars. Thats shitty,catch it in the beginning to prevent further damage.

Reference:I literally JUST got back from my bank and typed this up.

I had these charges on my account that my son decided to steal my card and empty my account. I have it set up that you have to enter a password to make any purchases so we dont have this mistake. Well i didnt think to do that on his phone because my information was not connected to his. And even set up there own google accounts so we didnt have the accident of " they said it was free" deal. I called the support number 855-863-3987 and explained my situation. They figured it out and received my refund in two days.

I got home today after a hollyday. My Visa-card was 2500 Euro in the red because of Supercell buy from I did nog bought anything on their playstore. My kids play minecraft and clash of clans but did nog bought anything.

I have over £69.99 and £13.99 in charges for GOOGLE * Supercell on the same day/- I don't even know what this is. Never used this site, not even heard of it. Have cancelled my card and reported this as fraud as well. My money has been refunded buy my bank but I hope they get their money back for the robbing swine that are scamming everyone....

  1. Had 106 C$ charged 2ce + a few more charges in the pipe line , not showing on my statement.
  2. called Google and confirmed with them that this is not Google who charged me. tel : (855)-836-3987
  3. called my bank CIBC master card, waited almost 1 hour to get to the fraud department, reported the cases to them. They cancelled the card ON THE SPOT and promised to send replacement immediately. They refused to give me a "case number" however she promised to post the reporting on my file. $. promised the charges will be reversed and an affidavit will be mailed to me. I ll see if they do all they promised. CHECK YOUR CARD EVERY DAY. THIS CREDIT cards are becoming less and less attractive.

I looked at my bank statement for credit card transactions on Friday January 16, 2015. I noticed two charges on the same day from google supercell ch ca., in the amount of 9.99 each time. The first transaction was in the amount of 0.00. I assume they were testing to see if the account was valid. I immediately called my cc company an cxld the account. I don't have a smart phone, don't have internet on my phone and have never signed up to play games. Will be reporting this as fraud and stolen bank info.

Also got charged by this WTF item:


HKD 38.00 for four times, HKD 158.00 for three times in one day!

@Philomena, you keeping saying it is a child getting into our accounts.... well just for FYI I don't have any children or grandchildren that live in my household so there fore it is strictly fraud and Gogle hasn't owne up to it yet. I contacted them regarding the transactions made on my card plus overdraft fees, all they did was make sure there wasn't any activity on my google accounts..... which there was none. So to say that a child or grandchild has a Wallet open is wrong.

You guys have taken 5 transactions from my credit card which i never authorise i have now cancelled my card and reported u for fraud

Yes, me as well. 4 charges yesterday in Philippine Pesos!??! 11/25 GOOGLE *Supercell PHP 900.00 Inward MEPS (ILT) - DEBIT CUSTOMER FOR C Cancelled my creditcard in Google and called the bank for investigations. So this has been going on now since February this year. Freaking crazy

I just called the customer service number provided on a previous post and they refunded my money immediately. Will be back in my account within 2 days. Lola just took my info and issued a refund to my debit card.

67 unauthorized charges totaling $360.00 made to my credit card. I called google and they called it "friendly fraud". Nothing friendly about it! They offered to refund the charges, but didn't give me a very good idea how to prevent this in the future other than getting a new card, which I did.

A ripp son was charged over 200.00 in a month! every day 4.99 then 9.99 then 19.99! 7 charges in one day!

Just got charged on my credit card for $20,868 google supercell....freaking crazy.

My corporate card was hacked by someone with 15 GOOGLE SUPERCELL for $9.99 charges all the same day this weekend. I have never used my corporate credit card to purchase anything other than legitimate travel expenses (air, car, hotel, food). I have never purchased any game with it, nor have it linked to any on-line account or any phone account (which is an iPhone, not android). No one else has access to my card. Clearly someone has hacked the account number.

Also, clearly, Google needs to institute better fraud protection from its side of the transaction. But Google probably doesn't care because they have minimal risk (other than the bad publicity) since the product they sell is information, not tangible goods. All that happens to them when the credit card companies refuse to pay is that they lose the income.

So thanks to my bank for immediately addressing the fraudulent charges, but no thanks to Google for not being on top of this very obvious cyber attack.

on the date of 18/07/2015 i get one message in my mobile for charged 1200/- even i don't know about google super-call i am shocked what the hell is this

over $2000 taken from my account I need to have this money put back into my account, I need to contact goggle ? I live in oz and this company is in the UK

I was fraud of Google Supercell! Over 120 charges and about 7000 Swedisch chrones!!! FUCK THEM ASHOLES!!!! :(

En Ingles: GOOGLE-SUPERCELL-GOOGLE-COM-CH-CA I'm from Panama and I 've noticed that You are charging me for my credit card something I'm not aware . On March 24 I charged $ 21.84 and on April 12 I was charged $ 53.03 . Please explain and suspend those charges .

En español: Soy de Panamá y me he dado cuenta que ustedes me están cobrando en mi tarjeta de crédito algo que no estoy enterado. El día 24 de marzo me cobraron 21.84 dólares y el día 12 de abril me cobraron 53.03 dólares. Por favor explicar y suspender esos cobros.

Hackers.. Remember Karma is a B**ch

6x charges of €89,99 each between 15 and 15 june... (€539,94) GOOGLE*SUPERCELL GBR

I didn't download nor played any games from Supercell...

So I contacted my creditcard service, had to fill in an form which is still pending by e-mail.

I also had contact by phone with the Credit Card Service and the guy I spoke with doubted that it was fraud because it only happende 6 times in 2 days a few months ago..... Oo

I am sorry to say that 99% of the time these transactions are not fraud, but more than likely someone that is in your household.

There are three potential games that SuperCell offers that these charges could relate to (ranked most to least likely):

  1. Clash of Clans
  2. Boom Beach
  3. Hay Day

These apps are available on both Apple and Android devices.

I work in Credit Card fraud and have only had a handful that have actually been the likes of "hacked" googleplay accounts.

End of the day, I would be asking children, spouses or even grand children. Chances are, you have provided your card details for their google wallet or appleid without realising.

Don't just go throwing stones at Google, Apple or SuperCell. Take some ownership.

That's all I have to say.

I checked my mobile phone banking app and found thast there were 3 charges of $99.99 plus overdraft charges on my card. I have not nor will I ever buy anything from I have notified my bank and I have to go fill out the fraud statement and get a new card.

These charges are for the one or more of the following games, Clash Of Clans, Hay Day or Boom Beach. Before you go reporting this as fraud to your banks ask yourselves this. Do you let your kids use your smart phone? If so, check the apps on your device and see if they are installed. Did you put the card that got used into your Google wallet? I work in card fraud and most of this is done by people in the house. Fraudsters want to make money. These are in game purchases. There is no way to make money on it.

I made what I thought was a one-off payment off £3.49 on a WWE wrestling game/app for my 8-year old nephew and within 24 hours, countless payments of £17.50 and £3.49 had been taken off my credit card under under the heading GOOGLE *2K GOOGLE.COM/CHGBR. The frequency of debits was happening every couple of minutes so if my bank hadn't have alerted me to this, the costs would have spiralled. I've had to now cancel my credit card and also make my nephew upset as I've told him not to use the game anymore.

Wow, this is crazy! This happened to me 9/5/2014 for a total of $100.00. Something needs to be done! This is obviously a scam with Google and their pretending they know nothing! They treated me like I did it and didn't care how I got my money back. They told me to have my bank to do a charge back, and I also had to get a new bank card. Im still waiting on getting my money and filling out paperwork to prosecute. But this is BS, they keep sending me emails trying to justify how I could've done this by mistake or maybe my children. Does anyone know can we sue this company!!! This is a business committing credit card fraud, I'm sure this has happened to others there just unaware.

Hey just be glad it wasn't $17,000.00! There is a lot of paperwork to get rid of that crap!

Why on earth do google think they can charge my card like this. 5 charges one afetr the other £2.99. Profiteering low life management scum.

you purchased from google playstore on your phone or android tablet. These are not one time charges as advertised but monthly charges, and if your child has a music download app it could be per song, so contact your bank and report the fraud, also contact the federal trade commission and their email will be GOOGLE PLAY STORE APPS,to access it you must use your phone or android tablet you used to download it . than you jim

My debit card has been charged 5x S$26.16 + 1x S$65.50 from GOOGLE *SUPERCELL GO OG on 24 Jan 2015. Also, there are 2 other transactions made to Paypal on 21st Jan 2015 with a total amount of S$101.60. This sums up to a total amount of S$297.90 fraudulent charges taken out of my bank account! I don't even play Clash of Clans or any of those games that SuperCell offers! I have since cancelled my debit card account and have it replaced. Now I have to deal with the pain of waiting and hoping that my money will be refunded back to me as investigations are now being done by the bank!

I keep hearing google wallet; I do not use google wallet, and I only use this one card for select transactions. I noticed about 10 charges relating to Google Supercell on or around 11/20/14. I made an order on 12/14 not related to google supercell which went through just fine; Now my credit card is saying that google supercell was linked to my last order, and now my cc will not allow me to make international orders; So the fraud happens first, then a month later I make an order that is not related, now my cc was refused to process my order; How can fraud happen first, then I make an order a month later; and that is tied together how?

Can you help? What is this charge?

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