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WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA


What is it?

This is Legit...... It is a charge when I donated online to ""
(It shows up described as "WPY" on a Credit Card Statement !!!

I didn't understand what this was until I googled the WPY with the phone number of 855-469-3729. This was a donation I made through In this instance, the charge was legitimate!

This, I found out, is the charge for a T-shirt I ordered from a Booster campaign.

I was confused by a charge from "WPY" and then after reading the other comments on this page realized it was for a GoFundMe that I contributed to. I wish it would say "GoFundMe" instead of "WPY". That would have saved me from a lot of stress and a bit of time researching.

WPY Booster, This company was the front or facilitator for someone who stole my husband's debit card number and tried to get money for a "basketball trip." While this company may not have been the actual criminal, they certainly didn't do due diligence when they allowed some scum-sucking-pig to try to steal $600 from us. The charges say WPY Booster and the bank said it was CROWDRISE. It is a shame that because they don't verify their 'payees,' legitimage charities will suffer because I will NEVER donate money to these types of charities. Now I know internet charities are just a hotbed of fraud. ;o(

This is We Pay who processes payments you make to a Meetup group

I was puzzled by the charge on my credit card bill, but when I read other comments on this site, I remembered making a donation to a campaign for an injured climber who is a friend of my (adult) son's. Might have been Gofundme, or something similar. Thanks!

Just remembered that the donation I made was for the Scientist fund Edward Norton is sponsoring. The charge should be clearer and understandable on statements.

This is a complete scam. Report them.

when I called the number the message said it was not in service

My credit card got hit for $400.00 to WPY New Beginnings. Supposedly its some charity. Don't know if it is legit charity, but its a bogus charge. I never authorized it. I was hit the same day for 40 other charges on the same card. My credit card company caught those but thought since this was supposedly a charity that I had authorized this charge. NOT!!!!!

Thank you all for the information - I didn't understand the charge either but I did a donation to somebody in need and didn't recognize the credit card charge. Thank you for your help.

It's this website:

It's legit….we made a donation for missionary friends.

I was confused for awhile of where I donated to a charity, that wasn't through my paypal account. It came up as WPY*OnlineDonation. I searched through my email and found the answer. It was raffle tickets I purchased from ATI Foundation for Kids with physical impairments. I wish it had stated the charity or location of the purchase in the BOA statement.

I saw wpy*new mexico with a phone number and a charge of $76. I got nervous but wanted to sleep on it to see if I would remember what the charge was for and low and behold I figured it out. I entered the Summer games for the Senior Olympics and that is the charge for my events. Geez...I wish that there was a bit more info give to the bank about who the charge is from.

A debit card transaction of $500.00 appeared on my online statement from: WPY*mysonsummercamp ca 8554693729 I immediately called my bank and was told that someone had tried to withdraw $1200 but was denied that amount. They then tried to withdraw $1000 but it also was denied. They tried again for $500 and were successful in obtaining the money from my account. The bank agreed to look into the transaction and immediately froze my account and voided my debit card. I will have to wait four to five days for a new card as well as having the $500 put back into my account. No idea how my card was compromised.

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Legit donation to GoFundMe for our local fire company.

Stole $500 from my debit/credit card. How they got my card information I have no idea. Only reason it was caught my bank contacted me about small charges for some uber account they were trying to set up. These people are thieves!!!

Saw this charge from WPY. Now I know it was the donation I make from "gofundme"

Someone can use this site to make fraudulent charges as well. My credit card number was stolen and this site was one of the ones used by the person to attempt to withdraw money from my account. As always just keep am eye on your bill..

This is legit, I donated $ to Boston Medical Center for someone running in the Boston Marathon. When the deduction showed up as WPY-Boston Medi I wasn't sure what it was. The WPY and Medi just threw me off. Hope this helps.

I had a charge by WPY*CRDODESIGN 855-469-3729 in the amount of $198.40.

I have NO idea who/what that is. Unauthorized Charge. After reporting it, my bank has processed it as a fraudulent charge. Charges reversed. Replacing my card.

I did not recognize your billing on my statement, called and began a dispute. Within half an hour figured out what it Bank of America to reinstate the charge which they did. My statement arrived and I paid the charge of $120.00 in support of Orchard Friends School (OFS). The school then called to ask what happened (recipient of my donation) and I said I had cancelled because I had no way to recognize WPY or OFS as the intended recipient of the order when it showed up on my statement. Then MY BOA statement arrived with the $120.00 charge on it and I paid it. I CALLED BOA again and found out that YOU, WPY, NEED TO CALL BANK OF AMERICA IN ORDER TO initiate a "charge back" to get the money which has been paid. Thank you for your help.
Larue Evans last four digits of card: 3558 transaction date: 2/13/15 Posting date 2/14/15 reference # for WPY on my statement: 0765

I authorized a gofundme payment

This is a charge for a donation I made to my grandsons military group. Thank you everyone for all your explanations.

this is good. a company that sells t-shirts for charity. please help these kids!

charge that I don't recognize dated 8/21/2014

I thing the time sue them Please create a account and joint together files the case sue them.

This company is a company that sells T-Shirts for schools or other charitable organizations. You may see this charge if you bought some T-shirt(s) for a school fundraiser or other fundraising activities.

I received a charge of $599.00 for a Constant Contact event on 4-13 and I don't have a business of any sort.

Dear Sir or Madame. On the 01-23 -19 this month, i made a donation of 100.00, for help the funeral, of ( Fernanda Rodrigues). But i forget to put were this donation have to go. i try to call you . But it is not answer. I appreciate if you can fix it, and give me some feedback. The Funeral home, was( Visconto Funeral Home 2031 Vista St. Philadelphia PA 19152. Thank you very much. Jose Bento


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This is 100% fraud. Someone tried to buy an airline ticket with my card, which is always in my possession. My bank caught it and denied the transaction.

I had a refund of $5 put back on my card... Still don't know why it was put on my card.

This is 100% fraud. Someone tried to buy an airline ticket with my card, which is always in my possession. My bank caught it and denied the transaction.


For those in the Florida Panhandle, this is the charge for a t-shirt in support of a private adaption.

a local organization used to organize a workshop. I had forgotten that I signed up and legitimately paid $20 for the workshop.

the charge showed up as WPY*Malama Kai Ola. same organization (in Hawaii) doing the workshop. the phone number was from california and brought me to this page.

was a legit charge for me.

WPY is the indicator for "WePay" which is a payment processor for a variety or sources including most notably GoFundMe online crowd-funding campaigns.

This is a fraud - I am in UK and have no knowledge of this transaction - I have reported it as fraudulent to my credit card provider and am having a new card issued. I have used that card online but never in US or to a US company.

I called the 855 number posted on my credit card statement. Voice mail only and directed me to a website: I followed the instructions for entering an email address and last four digits of my credit card....I use two email addresses and used them both. The answer came back that this was a charge that was either six months old or unrecognizable. The next option was to send the customer service department an email with details about the charge. I sent two emails and after 48 hours with no response, called my credit card company to report a fraudulent charge. I have no idea who this company is, but I am monitoring my credit cards statements daily.

I saw a $60 charge from WPY on my credit card statement as well, but did not recognize it. From other info on this site (thank you!), I checked my email and identified it as the registration fee I paid online for a local writers conference. I very much appreciate everyone's comments on this! It helped me enormously.

$100 came out of my minor daughter's account donated to someone we don't even know. Definitely fraudulent. having the bank investigate now.

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I saw this WPY charge on my credit card bill from last month and didn't know what is was. I thought it was fraud until I read this thread. It was for a GoFundMe donation which I made a few weeks back. Thanks for your insight and help.....Richie

After I bought a T-Shirt this company tried to charge 300.04 from Walmart in Roseville, Michigan 30 minutes after I bought the t-shirt. March 3rd 2016. Be careful about them. The bank called me and said they denied the charge because it seemed suspicious. I bank with PNC. Bank. The T-Shirt said the company name was Booster but it clearly was from them or someone they let handle their transactions.

Legit donation for GoFundMe. GoFundMe does not accept PayPal, they use only WePay. Which shows up as "WPY" on your statement. I wish they would come up with a better name for the charge. I have donated via GoFundMe more than once and the only thing consistent on statements is the WPY part. Then they add some condensed version of the campaign's name or something else unrecognizable. Which can be really confusing when it doesn't even read like English.

It's this website: This # is still in use for billing. WPY*Need Financial Assist 855-469-3729 CA

Got a charge which hit me as fraudulent. I called my CC company (Citibank) and the killed my CC number. I researched it more and found that the charge, labeled "WPY" (and which, after calling WPY, I looked for on the site which was tagged "not found") was indeed legit. It was for sunscreens on my son's house. That contractor, apparently, uses WPY for online payments! The answer to "what the heck is WPY?" in my case was Sunscreens Unlimited! Why not use that as the payee on my credit card statement? Anyway, Citibank was able to reverse the payment dispute, but my card number was still killed, unnecessarily. They're sending me a new credit card tomorrow. All because I didn't recognize "WPY." What a pain.

About a week after donating, there were several charges to my account. Working with my bank to fix.

Charge for tickets for a fundraiser - legit.

A $660.99 showed up on my credit card statement. I have never donated money though this company.

Legit charge for a donation I made.

To add to my first message...the emailed receipt from Go Fund Me specifically included how the charge would appear on my credit card bill. It's not like GFM isn't doing it's job to tell people in advance!

Played in a charity golf tournament and this was how the charge showed up. Spooked me at first until I found this site.

Yes, this is for a Tee I ordered, fundraiser. Very helpful.

If you look it up, you'll very quickly and easily see that WPY stands for "We Pay". It's a service that provides processing for online credit card payments.

I made a donation to a group, and this is how it showed up.

I couldn't remember what this charge might be for, but I matched up the transaction date to emails I had saved, and the charge was to help out some musicians who recently were robbed. There are three words in the transaction reference line that match the fundraising campaign name, but I agree with others that it would be best to see "Go Fund Me" in the item line instead.

This is a valid charge. I'm glad I just happened to check my transactions online today just a couple days after I donated for a friend's medical expenses via Searching on the phone # brought me here. They should put GoFundMe somewhere in the transaction, too. The short form gave me no clue, clicking on the statement entry gave me the phone number, but only this webpage gave me enough info to jog my memory.

I was very puzzled about this charge, and then when I looked at my calendar, I realized that this "payment processing service" must have been used when I registered online to attend an event on that date.

I wish they would specify what the charge was for on my credit card bill so that I would not have to search out where this charge came from.

I called the 855 number posted on my credit card statement. Voice mail only and directed me to a website: I followed the instructions for entering an email address and last four digits of my credit card....I use two email addresses and used them both. The answer came back that this was a charge that was either six months old or unrecognizable. The next option was to send the customer service department an email with details about the charge. I sent two emails and after 48 hours with no response, called my credit card company to report a fraudulent charge. I have no idea who this company is, but I am monitoring my credit cards statements daily.

I commented in an earlier statement. Let me make this clear. Right after I ordered my t-shirt the correct amount came out of my bank for a great cause. But 30 minutes later the bank called saying someone tried to charge 300.04. So whoever handles Boosters transactions and processes the payments are crooks. So I hold Booster responsible for not having a secure site to handle credit card transactions. Now I'm waiting on my new card. I will not ever donate like this again. But I will support causes by other means. I spoke with a guy that said he never heard of this happening. Well it did.

I believe WPY stands for WePay ( This company processes credit card payments for merchants and crowdfunding services, so a charge could be from any company that uses them (GoFundMe, YouCaring, etc.).

Interesting. I got caught. And (dumb) I can't recall what I was buying or supporting or contributing. So... there's no detail or "evidence." Again...... I was caught off guard.
Forget it. Forget the charge; pay it & move on with life. Simply avoid WPY. ..... tom

My debit card was charged $200 and I had no clue who or what this company was. FRAUD!!!! I had to close my account in fear of them attempting something else!!!

My charge showed on my recent statement, even though I had contributed sometime in August!!!

Charges showed up on my debit card in one amount (not available) then recharged as a lesser amount (which went through) I received an email that it was confirmation for a party ticket. The source was WePay. After the pay source went through the phone number and WePay credentials showed on my account statement. I am working with the bank to resolve, but it was not a legit charge in this case. The party was by "Ronnie Jackson" Hum Party Online.

hi my name is Lisa Allen on march 3rd i ordered 4 long sleeve no kill coalition t-shirts and have not received them of as yet. money was withdrawn from my bank account in the amount of 85.00 if i don't receive the shirts i would like a refund. thanks in advance my number is 803-665-1832 my email

Charge on credit card for Kincer Family Fire Fund. Never made donation to this. Have no info except phone #855-469-3729. Answering machine says website will help. Web site says "NOT FOUND".

Wpy*the Palm Spr855-469-3729ca showed up on my bank card statement. I contacted the bank to inquire about the fee and was told the charge was made at 3:00am. Since I was sleeping I am certain I did not make nor authorize a charge on my card as a debit transaction at that time. I do not have any automatic payments set up for the amount charged; additionally it was the first ever appearing on my statement. Due to a recent security breach with doTerra, I disputed the charge with the bank as this may be an attempt to withdraw more money from my account from potential thieves.

BOGUS!!! They scammed my debit card for $329. I hope they burn.

A charge of about $97 showed up when checking our card account online. We made no such charge - these people will accept stolen card nos., no questions asked.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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