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I have the answer! I too had a series of weird charges from AMZN.COM/BILLWA (freaked me out!) and so I talked to an Amazon customer service rep this morning. Turns out these weren't fraudulent charges. Here's what happens:

Amazon does not charge your card immediately when you put in an order. Your card is billed only when the package goes out the door on the shipping truck (which generally happens days after you make your purchase).

When your shipment comes in 2 or more boxes from different centers around the country, the charges will split into the corresponding amounts.

So let's say you ordered X, Y and Z for a total of $100 on Monday.

Items X and Y, $60 worth of stuff, ships Wednesday.

Item Z, worth $40, ships Thursday.

That means your card is charged $60 on Wednesday, and $40 on Thursday. It is NOT charged $100 on Monday.

It's a weird system, but that's apparently how Amazon does it. Go back and cross-check your order history with your card statement. Things should add up correctly. If not, then it might be a different problem you've encountered.

If you're still concerned, call the Amazon customer service line at 866-216-1072.

I was billed on 25 August, and 25 September for $14.06. The notation was Amazon Prime*________ WA. Amazon says the charge is not from them. Nothing on my account is for that amount. They are treating it as fraud and will get back to me in 48 hours. My credit card company is also investigating and will issue a new card.

Since ordering from a promo from, my credit card has now been compromised twice....something is going on and it is not a simple bill when shipped explanation as posted here. These are outright fraud and apparently a network of fraudulent users. Amazon has a problem and until resolved publicly, I will discontinue using Amazon. This started with a Canadian Company, cancelled with them, but charges keep coming. Whether the same company or not...who knows. Last night at 1:45 AM!!!! two charges appeared from a Blue Ceiling and from a Spartanflex (apparently a supplier of exercise equipment). Someone needs to address this at Amazon.

I have been having unauthorized charges on my debit cards for months of April and May 2018, from Amazon Prime membership. I have not applied for this membership. In April, they charged my debit card, I reported it to the bank fraud department and they closed that card. Then, before I could get the new card, they charged on that card. The bank closed that card and sent me a new card. They kept charging on the old cards until last week. They made a charged on my new card as and now I have to wait for a new card. I tried calling Amazon and emailing but the fraudulent charges did not stop.

Same question and getting charges appear on this website , so be careful guys. Don't put anywhere your credit card details otherwise some unknown charge will debit from your account or credit card.


I canceled this subscription months ago and I am still getting charged for it and I would like my money back

My credit card was comprised and need to enter new one

I had multiple charges on a credit card from Amazon that totaled over $300 in the last two months. After calling Amazon and confirming that the charges were not from them they advised I called my bank and dispute the charges. Amazon went above and beyond to try to figure this out for me but none of the information on the bank statement helped. Actually the card that was used was not even one of the cards I use to purchase on Amazon. And to top it off these charges started two days after I received my new card in the mail. I believe this is an inside thing and that whoever is mailing out these cards has somebody working for them that is selling our information. It normally starts off with a small charge that is then refunded just to make sure the account is legit and then it continues on with small charges on a weekly basis to see if it’s going to be caught. The amounts eventually get larger and larger. Amazon uses a specific set of letters and numbers at the beginning of the nine digit code that appears on your statement. These charges have an 11 digit code that do not match Amazons. These people are able to get away with this because many people do not pay attention to small charges. The best advice I can give you is to look at your statements every month and verify all charges. If you see something that is not correct then you should notify your bank immediately.

There is $13.09 on my Sears Credit Card. I checked and I was billed last month for 2 items that I ordered in January. I paid $71.22 for them. I am requesting the $13.09 be removed from my account.

I noticed two charges from Amazon on my bank's debit card. They only struck me as odd because I have recently been using a different credit card for online purchases, and one of the amounts (21.38), isn't what my state taxes for an item that costs 19.99 (that usually shows up as 21.39). The two charges were:


I contacted Amazon and they confirmed these were NOT charges to my Amazon account, so I called my bank and had my card de-activated and a new one mailed to me, and also reported this as fraud so they could submit a refund.

It's almost as if this person charged a little bit at first to see if the card number would work, and then went back a second time to charge a larger amount.

I was just looking back at my balance and notice that it had increased. Although, I hadn't used my card in the last two months. Both transactions happened in this month. I was very disappointed to see this happen.

I need to report a change of credit card for your billing

I have been receiving unordered merchandise from Amazon Marketplace. 6 orders so far, with charges to my credit card totaling $160.22. Items range from wireless earbuds, USB cable, toenail fungus treatment to hip resistance bands. NONE were ordered. Now upon calling Amazon Mktp today, I am told than an XBox game was charged, but the shipping address was changed to Pennsylvania, PA. Of course I was requested to go the computer... and I assume they will want my personal information so that they can credit my account. NO WAY! I've had to change my credit card, cancel my Amazon Prime. I will also be contacting credit agencies for fraud alert.

amazon prime is taking money from my debit car without my authorization twice August and September 2018

A charge of $13.04 on my credit card. Reference Number 2144. This charge is unauthorized.

I got a bill for $13.15 from Amazon and I did not order anything from them. Why they are charging me that money for ????

A week ago I spent at least $1,000 on a desk setup, I check my account one day later, all transactions were through and paid for. Apparently, 2 days ago, I got a transaction for for $915.00. Came out of nowhere and would like some help to fix this.

These charges also come from purchases made on you Kindle. I had a $6.99 charge, and had not purchased anything from Amazon in the past 3 months, and there was nothing in my previous orders for that amount. I clicked the digital orders tab, and there is was! I forgot I told my daughter she could download minecraft.

If you have kids, you may want to check the digital orders as well...

appears on account activity information

$22.51 charged to me on 8/29/13. Ordered Parafree but never received. I tracked shipping and says it was delivered. I have ordered lots of stuff from amazon before, but this was definitely NOT delivered. Either credit my card, deliver the item, or I will contact my credit card company.

It is a website for porn, or cheaters. Good luck trying to find which one my soon to be X spent 2,000 in 2013 just found out haven't added up this year yet. He has been using it for years, he is a big fan of Amazon, but I noticed the difference in the billing. You can reference my Bank Statements and being my one detective. There is an I tunes, forever 21, and many more

I've ordered stuff from Amazon before.

Appears after a purchase on

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