WALMART.COM 800-966-6546 US

Learn about the "Walmart.Com 800 966 6546 Us" charge and why it appears on your credit card statement.

Also Appears on Statements As "WALMART.COM 8009666546 - 800-966-6546, AR"

First seen on July 11, 2012, Last updated on January 9, 2014

What is it?

This is a charge from The retail corporation operates a chain of supercenters, discount department stores and grocery stores. As of July 2022, Walmart had 10,585 stores and clubs in 24 countries, operating under 46 different names. Walmart is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, which is why "AR" for Arkansas is likely included on your charge.

Walmart is the world's largest company by revenue, with about $570 billion in annual earnings, and the world's largest private employer with 2.2 million employees, according to Fortune Global's 500 list published in May 2022.

The store sells a wide variety of items, such as:

  • Clothing
  • Toys
  • Office/school supplies
  • Groceries
  • Furniture
  • Arts and crafts
  • Party supplies
  • Plants and flowers
  • Shoes
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Bags and accessories
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Video games
  • Patio furniture
  • Baby items
  • Electronics
  • Pet supplies

The site also offers services, such as:

  • Auto care
  • Registry and gift lists
  • Custom cakes
  • Photo services

Why this charge may appear on your card

You're likely seeing this charge because you made a purchase at If you didn't make this purchase, it's possible someone else did, which may be an early indication of fraud.

If your credit or debt card was used without your knowledge, contact Walmart and ask for help with unauthorized charges. You can go to and chat online with customer service. You can type "Unauthorized Charges" in the chat window to let them know about your problem.

What else can you do?

  • Contact your bank or credit card company and dispute the charges and try to recover the money.
  • Reset your password immediately.
  • Delete any saved payment information.

How to Contact Walmart

You can contact's customer service department online.

Community Feedback

I received a post to my recent visa statement for $100.00 to WALMART.COM 8009666546. My card was charged in March 2013.I called to refute the charges as I was hospitalized the day of the transaction for surgery. The investigation indicated someone from California gained access to my card info on my Walmart online account, and I was advised to delete any card info on the walmart site. After discussing this with several associates - we all discovered various transactions to our accounts from the same WALMART.COM site the same day. What I find amazing is Walmart has been aware of this issue since September 2011 and hasn't warned their customers. I'm also surprised the feds are not aware of this...

Just happened to me. $508 for an iPhone online purchase. Unfortunately I've had an unauthorized credit card purchase in the past so I've since set up text alerts. I called my bank as soon as the charge was posted. They canceled my card and credited my account until their investigation is over. Walmart was also able to cancel the purchase when I called them. They gave me the person's name that used my card and said that my credit card information was shown as the main card on their account.

Okay, I'm not sure if this helps or not but Bentonville, AR (Arkansas) is where the Wal-Mart Customer Service is handled. If you have had a credit card or bank card stolen and used for a purchase then the transaction is processed through them. I see a lot of people complaining thinking that Wal-Mart is at fault, but actually they aren't. The criminals are!

We had a mysterious $200 placed against our bank card and when we called the customer service rep at the 800-966-6546 they were great. Luckily, they caught the problem quickly and cancelled the order for us. We have never purchased anything from in the past and we don't have any type of account setup with them. Whoever the culprit was obtained our information from some place else.

My best advice to you is not to blame Wal-Mart because from my experience they were extremely helpful. Also, I'd file a police report particularly if the amount is over $500 because that is a felony! In some states like Virginia a felony can even be considered for amounts around the $200 range.

We called our bank as well and immediately cancelled the cards and had new ones created. Good luck all and I really do feel for you if you lost even a penny to these morons!

Just received 2 emails from Walmart. One was to verify changes to my account (such as email), the other was to inform me that my recent purchase for straight talk unlimited card (which was to be sent via email) could not be completed due to a problem processing my credit card (just got a new card because my info at Acme was hacked). I was able to obtain the email address they used when they went through PayPal.

Charge for $1066.98 I use all the time, usually the charge says Bentonville Arus, this one says 8th St arus. Spoke with Walmart and they didn't do it. Calling the bank now

The unauthorized charge was from from AR. I had a weird authorization charge for $119 that was credited to my account, and then debited from my account, or that's what it seemed like. Then, there was a charge for something around $312 that was debited from my account. I called my bank, reported it, canceled my debit card, and got my money back pretty quickly. I also called Walmart at the 800 number to see where it was being shipped. The billing address was wrong because the rep told me it was from NY or GA, I don't live in either of those states (can't remember which one, but the shipping address was one of those as well). I can't believe this happened. I've only ever made one purchase from, and I don't have that card saved on my account. Be careful when buying from because apparently it's easy for hackers to get your information. Check your bank accounts daily.

My card was charged hundreds of dollars from 702 SW 8th St BENTON VILLE AR. I live in Florida, and I never buy from I believe this is an inside operation, meaning Walmart employees. It also seems to be an operation in many stores. Suggestion when you go to self-checkout at Walmart, and the register freezes, and the employee goes into the machine, gets a piece of paper, and scans it, tell the employee to give you that piece of paper. Don't let them keep it. Nowadays, you cannot trust anyone.

On Sunday I checked my account and saw a pending charge for $98 from W+ 8009666546, on my debit card. I called that number and got a bunch of ads (like for life alert and medicaid/medicare, and at a couple of points I thought I was talking to a real person, but it was just a REALLY convincing recording).

So the next day I went to my bank to get the charge disputed, cancel my card, and get a new one printed. I was able to cancel my card and they printed me a new one on site with new numbers, and I also set a new pin, just to be in the safe side. As for the charge, they said they couldn't do anything until the pending charge actually posted onto my account.

In the meantime I decided to look up a different number for Walmart customer service than the one I saw on my statement (the number I got from their site was 833-235-2112). They told me they weren't seeing any charge on their end so they couldn't do anything.

Today (Tuesday, Oct 5th, 2021) I noticed the charge had been posted to my account, so I called the same customer service number I got from the Walmart website, but they said they still weren't seeing any charges on their end.

So then I called my bank again, they looked into the charge and said that MY PIN HAD BEEN USED!! Which I don't understand cuz it was online and they don't ask for a pin online! (as far as I know) I was just glad that I'd decided to change my pin as well, so I didn't have to worry about that.

I just can't understand how they got ANY of my info, let alone my freakin PIN. Currently in the process of getting the charge reversed with my bank so I can get my money back. They said it'll be about 2 weeks tho (we'll, 7-10 business days. which is basically 2 weeks so ¯_(ツ)_/¯) Fingers crossed it all works out 🤞🏽

I was the victim of fraud wherein someone used my credit card info to purchase goods from What bothers me is that Walmart allowed the transaction even though the billing address of the perp DID NOT match mine. Shame on you Walmart for not catching this or having mechanisms in place to catch. You are a large company. Even some smaller online companies caught this. I will never purchase from again!

Fraudulent charge of $39.98 posted to my card on 2019-06-19 with transaction details of "WALMART.COM 800-966-6546 AR". I cancelled the card immediately and then called the number to learn more about the nature of transaction.

I was told it was an online purchase that was shipped to New Jersey. I live in Vancouver, Canada and have never been to NJ in my life. I have also never purchased anything on and do not have an account with them!

This episode can be definitely blamed on walmart since they do not seem to perform address verification against credit card orders! This is beyond belief that a company this large cannot get basic e-commerce right! I am an IT person myself and implement credit card solutions so I know all they needed to do to prevent this kind of fraud was to enable the so called AVS (Address Verification System) for credit card transactions! Had AVS been enabled, my credit card number could have not been used with a billing address in NJ!

WALMART.COM ARUSBENTONVILLE I received a charge of $102.87 from, I call the bank and they said that the transaction needs to be completed before do something. I called the phone number 800-966-6546 of, they request my account info (I have one) and the said that I don't have any charge, but the guy requested me the card full number to check the movements. he said that someone had opened a new account and bought a kitchenware on Sunday morning when most of the banks callcenters don't work. He said that the shipment almost has been delivered but he will do the necessary to cancel. And he said that this things happen know to often but the person that do this cloned my card. "In the portal we have several security levels to have the accounts members info" He said.

I found 3 charges from Bentonville WalMart totaling about $900 charged to my Citi card June 2023 statement I disputed and got credit. Then I checked May statement and found another for MEMBERSHIP IN SAM'S CLUB

I buy a few things from WalMart online but mostly shop at the store. Strangely I also made a few WalMart purchases last month using " (I do not recommmend.(

Found a "WALMAR.COM 8009666546 BENTONVILLE, AR, US" bank charge on my account on 1/4/2024. I didn't buy anything from Walmart.

Called my bank and they confirmed a charge is pending but no dollar amount is specified.

To stop this transaction, in it's tracks from posting I issued a stop payment on all Walmart charges with my bank, and had to order a new debit card.

So sad how fraud is at an all time high! =[

This is walmart's buy online section for cameras.

I'm just glad I decided to check bank acc. today!It's the 4th of July,noticed 2 charges from, I do't shop at Walmart!! called costumer service,they said it was someone from Oklahoma,I live on the west coast!! Why didn't the stop it? I believe it was stolen through a seller on amazon with a different name that uses walmart because two items in May where delivered in Walmart boxes,which I thought was weird .Now have to get ahold of everyone I used this card for on the 5th and bank to cancel card just hoping they don,t hit me hard because it's a holiday and I can't do anything until tomorrow.Good luck people,do a daily bank card ck!

Got a call from this number 1-800-966-6546 , asking me if I wanted a job at NO... Also trying to get my personnel information,credit card number etc. Looked up this number has hundreds of complaints against this foreign woman asking for their information,plus charging their credit cards for stuff they did not even order. There is a crook working for Sending me emails too about same thing.

As I read through these posts, due to me searching the phone number that was on my bank transaction, I wanted to report the fraudulent activity that just happened to me. Scenario is pretty much the same as many have shared. Found several transactions listing Walmart with Bentonville, Ark as the location which made me immediately assume someone there was buying items with my info. Bentonville is Walmart's main headquarters location. What else did i find out? All of the transactions were made on the same day (11/30/21) $555. 36, $377.49 and another for $81.58 but this one was to a restaurant that was over an hour away from me. On this day, nor the week prior or days after had i been to this restaurant or town. I HAD been to my local Walmart 3 days before (my purchase was $144.36 made with my card). I had also ordered something from 3 weeks before. I never received the items I had ordered due to them being out of stock and refunded my money and cancelled the order for me. I add all of this in hopes that it will help someone else. I can't believe this is such an ongoing issue as it has continued from 2013 to 2021. My bank is taking care of me but they will then have to turn it over to Walmart to futher investigate and I suppose the Restaurant as well. I took off all forms of payment from my acct. changed my password as well and have a new bank card coming.

So i woke up at 3am nd checked my cellphone. There were texts from my bank about my credit card being charged at Wallmart for 106 USD. First thing, I blocked my credit card. I live in Pakistan nd wallmart doesn’t even operate here.
So I couldn’t sleep nd googled this weird number “8009666546“. It lead me to this page nd because of you guys, I contacted wallmart support. It took less than 10 minutes nd the representative cancelled my order. After that there was another attempt of 88USD. But it didn’t went through. I don’t know how my credentials got leaked. I never visited USA nor i have a wallmart account.

Who looks at bank statements? I should have. I purchased a laptop from Walmart and was charged correctly on my bank statement 11/26/2021. So, today I needed to look up my extended warranty coverage (but who saves receipts)? I found an additional charge of $737.09 the following month with the phone number listed above. I guess I got scammed and since it's been so long, my bank will probably be unable to refund the charge.

These low life scammers who are too lazy to get a real job and would rather scam off hard working people, broke into my account. They accessed my paypal account and attempted to charge me. Luckily I caught it right away, contacted paypal and changed all my passwords as well as deleted any saved methods of payment.

I have been a victim of the AA fraudulent charges as well. It’s mind blowing that this situation is still going on over 10 years later!! Clearly, Walmart is involved because all of the charges are through Companies who have been hacked are, by law, suppose to notify their customers. This breach is costing many people their time and money and Walmart is the crook’s chosen vehicle. I’m no attorney, but it seems Walmart bears some responsibility and explanation as to what is going on with their online service.

I am not exactly sure what the charge is for but it is definately on online purchase from shows up just like this: WALMART.COM 8009666546 BENTONV.

Had a fraudulent charge for $250.00 on my card, my credit card company contacted me and closed my account. I decided to call 1-800-Wal-MART just see if there was a way to cancel an order if one had been placed. Turns out my card had been attempting to be used several times since April!! Their security system (that I was told runs separately from stopped all attempts and even the one that was pending on my card. They closed all accounts on that had attempted to use it. They were very nice and very helpful. If you see something similar definitely call and look into it! They said they would not have gotten my information from my account online because if they tried to edit my information it would blank out. She seems to think my card information was swiped somewhere and is being sold!

This number has been calling me for the past week. She wanted to set me up an appointment for business consultants to call me. She said they help you start up work from home business. When I ask if this is Walmart She said no.

When you make an online purchase with a credit card, Walmart will automatically sign you up for "Walmart+ grocery delivery service" FREE for the first month, but then auto renewal even if you don't use the service. On my first call to customer service to dispute the charges, I was told they had "no record of a grocery subscription" and it was not Walmart making the monthly charges—yet it showed up on my card for nearly a year. I had to call again to finally get admission and verification that it WAS WALMART's fault and they had signed me up without authorization. Worse yet, they would not reimburse the amount and were not willing to send an email confirmation saying there were no more subscriptions attached to my card. My advice, make sure you demand a complete transaction report of your account BEFORE canceling—as they will not help you with any reimbursement of past purchases or fees once you do.

A $12.95 charge was on my card 12/15/ first it was listed as for groceries(entered by customer/merchant) and now it's showing 800-966-6546 bank did credit my money and I removed my card from my profile....this is FOOLISHNESS!!!

appeared on my CC today under pending. I dont shop at Walmart. So Walmart never had this CC info. This is what happens when everyone works at home for the banks. Cant even reach the damn bank on the phone.

My Netspend card was hit for 108.33 on Sunday night at 10:01pm while I was at work. I talked to non English speaking people needless to say I’m just wanna snap some people to see if there’s any light to come on. When it’s not your money then your not eagerly concerned. How is replacing my debit card going to get my money back.

If you sign up for a trial version of Walmart+ Membership, you will be charged $98.00 for the annual membership 2 weeks after the trial begins.

I just got a charge of $1012.00 (Pre auth WALMART.COM LOC: BENTONVILLE AR) I couldn't do a thing about it. I needed to change all passwords and deleat some accounts. I can't figure out how they did it though. Gee, with all these people getting ripped off like this you'd think that our great Attorney General Eric Holder would be all over this. Oh I forgot, He only deals with Guns.

It’s 5/27/23 and this fraudulent transactions are still happening!!!

My Discover card was charged for $79.74 on 08/08/2018 on WALMART.COM 8009666546 - 800-966-6546, AR. The transaction date was 08/04. I called online and gave the rep my full card number but after she pulled out the information she found out this card is never charged online. She said this transaction maybe made in store but using online transaction description. Which proofs the theft has physically duplicated my credit card info and use that for in-store purchases at Walmart. I never stored this credit card in my account, but used to use it shop on The theft can draft out the full purchase transaction detail and gain my full card number. Which proofs it must be someone who works in Walmart technique department can have this level of access to customer's account. Pool company! Shame on you! Be careful/Stay away of!!!!

This same thing has happened to me, I just had 2 charges for an even $100, I called my bank to close the card and report the charges, and then I came online to check it out and saw this. I called the number and they said there are no pending charges on my walmart account, so they are unsure of where the charges are coming from. So I removed my card information from the site. They advised me to tell the bank to call them and they would confirm that there are no charges, and that they are indeed fraudulent, unfortunatley for me I am out the money for 2 weeks till my bank makes their decision, and because I just paid all of my bills, of course I got slammed with several overdraft fees. This is ridiculous.

Same code, $200 charge. I don't shop at Walmart online or in their brick and mortar stores.

Just checked my account after my trip to Jamaica and was shocked to see a Walmart charge of $45!! Are you kidding me ? Saying the same thing, Bentonville Arues

I found a charge for $42.36 this morning and reported it to my bank who will credit me the charge. I do recommend people call WalMart as soon as you find the charge so they can stop the shipment and the thieves don't get the merchandise. Walmart will also give you a website to go to to report the fraud and fill out some information and they will fax or email you back the name and address of the person that used your identity. That might be helpful if you wish to pursue things a little higher up the chain.

Just got 2 separate charges as well. 2 separate cards. Thankfully my card blocked the attempts. Additionally, was able to cancel an order. This is insane!

Okay, the 8009666546 is just walmart's 1-800 phone number. Someone got a hold of your card information and bought something from walmart. I recommend calling walmart and reporting it as soon as possible. I just had two different charges to our credit card 4 days ago. Each charge was $581.94. I was able to call before the order was shipped out. The person was buying iPhone 5's. Now I'll be heading out to the police department to file a report, and the police will contact walmart (the walmart representative explained this all to me) and get all the information needed to find out who and where the person is and catch him/her.

Keep an eye on your accounts. Stealing information seems to be becoming much more easy as time goes on.

Walmart Membership AR 8009666546 charge. Just saw this charge on my statement December 19th, 2022. Notified bank and new card being processed. Why can't they stop whoever doing this?

My card was charged hundreds of dollars from 702 SW 8th St BENTON VILLE AR. I live in Florida, and I never buy from I believe this is an inside operation, meaning Walmart employees. It also seems to be an operation in many stores. Suggestion when you go to self-checkout at Walmart, and the register freezes, and the employee goes into the machine, gets a piece of paper, and scans it, tell the employee to give you that piece of paper. Don't let them keep it. Nowadays, you cannot trust anyone.

My debit card has been unauthorizedly used many times over the last year. I just caught it today when I saw a Walmart post from Bentonville, Arkansas. I then reviewed my bank statement for the last year and found multiple uses. I live in California and have not been to Arkansas for a decade. I have cancelled my financial information with Walmart and am making a police report and contacting my bank. I attempted to contact Walmart at 855-355-2145, but the representative could not understand me.

I too had happen to me what has to others here. I cant believe Walmart has known about this stuff for over 5 yrs and hasnt been to do a thing to prevent it. I had a person by the name of Alex M. from PA, USA try to purchase a ps4 bundle with headset and a hairdryer using my walmart account and credit card on file on my account on the 12th. Luckily I caught it within a few hrs of the order and was able to cancel the ps4 bundle. Then I had to get walmart customer service to refund me the 35.86 left from the almost 400 dollar order. I dealt with 2 customer service ppl on the .com and one associate at the supposed store in PA. I checked with my credit unions site to see if the refund was posted yet since its been a few days and 2 refunds were given but they do not add up to the 35.86 which was what was left over after was able to cancel the ps4. GUess ill be contacting walmart.coms cs again. The last one said not to worry that full amount would be returned to me but so far full amount hasnt. If this is how walmart is like they cant have better security and measures to prevent stuff like this i dont know if i will ever shop on their site again. They should be taking things more serious and reporting this to the feds and local authorities or something.

I found out that the "WALMART.COM AA 8009666546 AR" indicated the Wal-Mart corporate office and was on the transaction because I had purchased something online.

I just got hit for $200 yesterday. Somehow the crooks got a hold of my mastercard. I don't have a Walmart credit card. Walmart is allowing this to happen because they don't care because they are still getting the money!!!

Today, I was called by my Credit card company that a charge of 199.00 was DECLINED by the credit card company from someone that "keyed in" my credit card numbers to Wal Mart, Benonville, Ark. I made a purchase November 2013 with that credit card in the local Wal Mart store to the ON LINE store and that apparently is how they got my information. No charges went thru only because my card company caught this as fraudulent. They will send out a new credit card, etc to my company within 5-7 business days. Be careful!!!

My debit card was compromised twice in two days from that 1-800 Bentonville Walmart number, over $500. Its sad to know that you are taking money out of retired people living on their social security check. Those of you that are doing this must not be God fearing people.
Beware of the Lion of Judah.

I just was hit with an amount of $254.39 charge from AR. I live in Pa. As a former employee Bentonville, AR is home office for Walmart. There must be a scammer working at home office. I see that this has been going on for several years. It's time Walmart finds out who this is!!!!!

I got hit for 218.69!!! WTF!

was a charge to my card that i didn't purchase.

I was reviewing my bank acct information and noticed an unauthorized charge and immediately contacted Walmart customer service.and It was handled, yet, after calming down, I did some research online and am seeing this same claim/charge has been an ongoing issue for quite sometime for many of people. The reason I decided to research it is because the way it appeared so differently on my statement. Now, I find it coincidental how I spoke with someone on June 3rd through customer service at Walmart on making my monthly payment and worrying about being double billed, which I was anyway by him(Muhammad), then this charge appeared on June 8th late at night. I do not know where your customer service center is located, yet, I have never had any problems until using your online customer service and it appears to me that this charge is somehow done through someone at the customer service center. Perhaps a full investigation needs to begin starting there to end this entire scam. My sons girlfriend went through something similar around Christmas time right after using the online customer service and I didn't think much on it until now that it happened to me. I am very disappointed in Walmart that they're not taking better steps at stopping this and further preventing this from happening again to anymore of their customers as with warning their customers before using the online customer service program link. My last purchase was on June 3rd My statement appearance of this fraud is: 6/8/2022 22:06:13 Pending cash purchase Walmart.ComAA 8009666546,AR $4.23 To add, I also received a phone call through a computerized program yesterday morning, the morning after this charge was placed, stating that there was a suspicious package being held in my name and I was needed for questioning and to press 1 to speak to an officer (which I did not, I hung up the call). The call came from a Dynalink Comm (203)413-2049 and then a few hours later another call from a very odd number, 0052807128712. As I blocked the odd number, strangely, it also blocked the other number in my call list automatically meaning they were both somehow connected. It may not seem like much to anyone else, yet, it's the fact of the matter of fraud and having this done that is so disturbing and going through all the stress and hassle of now cancelling my account and having to go through more stress and hassles. I am disabled with a failing heart and life is far from anywhere near easy for me and this is such a disappointment.

I find these posts very interesting. I also had a charge on my Capital One Visa account that was from WALMART.COM 08009666546. What is curious is that this charge was correct, but 3 out of the next 10 charges were fraudulent. Is this a coincidence? I haven't received the items that I purchased from Walmart yet, but supposedly they are on their way.

I have been charged on my debit card $471.74 for something that I know nothing about.Fraud and if Walmart knows about this problem shame on them for not addressing it.

Checked my capital One statement and found a $106.92 charge to on June 18 Used this card the only time I've ever bought from walmart on line. It was in may and I got hacked. Be careful with your information

UNBELIEVEABLE that I find all of this information. I'm PISSED!! I was doing my online banking today when I noticed in my pending area of my credit card a charge of $43.90. It was for 8009 The card that was used was in my cabinet b/c it is a card I only use for emergencies and I don't even shop at Walmart, therefore, I don't even have an account with them. After seeing all of these post and Walmart is not doing anything about it, b/c damnit they are releasing these orders to someone's address. They have the account information obviously b/c our credit card numbers are being used. I have a Dect. on my case, but I wanted to investigate myself as well. I plan to contact to my local tv station and ask them to see if they can cover this under their section called: Consumer Troubleshooter. This happened yesterday, July 8, 2013. I am so mad it's beyond belief.

I have been the victim of fraudulent activity on my account. I discovered it is possible for anyone to purchase a digital download on my account and have the item sent to a different email address. This is a recipe for fraud. Once the digital download is completed there is no way to recover the product however my credit card will be charged. Also, someone who has access to my account can add another credit card to the account under my name and use it to purchase digital products. I would like to speak with someone that can address this issue.

I just got hit for $200 yesterday. Somehow the crooks got a hold of my Visa card. I don't have a Walmart credit card. Walmart is allowing this to happen because they don't care!

I found two fraudulent transactions pending on my bank statement today that was done yesterday. I closed my card and then called bentonville, AR to let them know it was fraud. I was told one order was for a dutch oven and the other order was for a fire extinguisher. I live in FL and have never been to AR in my life nor did I purchase either of those items. I managed to get them cancelled before these fools could get them, my money is being refunded as well and was given an email address which also is not mine. "RYSTAL65@USA.COM" which is a phony address as well. I believe this happened thru a paypal account I had ten plus yrs ago I hadn't used since until the evening of the 24th. The transactions were done on the 25th at 5:49AM and 5:55AM nine hours later. Idk if this will help anyone else, I'm on messaging with pay pal now about it. I was shocked when I came here and seen so many complaints from this same walmart place!! Anyway, I'm reporting mine as well and if anyone else has used PayPal and then this happened think about that being the way your card was stolen. They have all my info as well, both billing address and my full name and who knows what else.

I too just got taken. It's ridiculous that the first post I see is a year ago and they still haven't stopped this exact same charge. Hey, credit card people, flag this charge and deny it.

My Amex was just charged over $50 on Jun 11, 2022, with the transanction details given on my Amex stmt. the same as those shown in most of these complaints: WALMART.COM 8009666546. I contacted Walmart through my account there to ensure a legit contact with Walmart cust service. Walmart cust service told me that the charge above is fraudulent and did not come from Walmart. They said "We (Walmart) did not charge you that amount on that date. Pls contact your credit card right away to dispute it. It is fraud, because we show no purchase made by you for that amount, on that date." I disputed with Amex immediately and they are sending me a new card with a new number, in addition to filing the transaction dispute. Amazing this is still going on using the same FRAUDULENT # 800-966-6546 for all these years. These complaints stretch back to 2013 or earlier! Beware if you see this Walmart-fictitious number on any of your credit card charges or statements!

I also noticed two charges for $52.04 each on my account and the description was "WALMART.COM 800BENTONVILLE" I have contacted my bank and filed a claim against the charges.

I ordered 2 items from, I paid part on gift card and part on my debit card. I always check my accounts and have notifications for my card. The day I purchased the items. I made sure that the total of my receipt and my card was charged for the correct amount. It was 1 cent over, no biggie. Then 7 days later, I get a notification that my card has been charged ( a different amount). I go to my online banking and see the charge is from So I go through my statement and see that the other charge from the order is still there. So I double check my adding, I should not have been charged anything else. So I contact online. The rep, verifies that I have been charged and authorizes a refund. He asks if there is anything else he can help me with, I says well yes, why is my card begin charged again for a different amount since my order was paid in full. He says it was part of the order that was not charged until they ship the item. But my order total and what I already paid idea.. I have deleted my card off walmarts account and changed by password. If they do this to everyone, no wonder they have billions...don't charge my card for more than what my order total is.

Walmart took out three unauthorized money from my account what your cards

Walmart Store # 8009666546 in Bentonville, AR. has not helped at all. A charge of $308 was to my bank statement. Somebody had made charges to my account. She was caught and arrested. I was told a credit was given to my account, but it wasn't and then after awhile, then I was told my bank would have to dispute it. My bank told me there was a time limit of two months and it was over two months. They had me sent my bank statement to show somebody used my account. Even after that they told me there was nothing else they could help me. Do they really need my money. I noticed there are a lot of problems like mine at this store. 8-3-17

I got hit, too! 6/24/13 @ 10am for $200.00. Filed complaint w/ WalMart over the phone, deleted my credit card info from their sites, had the phone representative deactivate my online account. Calling bank in the am to report fraud. Why aren't they doing anything about this???? Code 08009666546 on mine, too.

I got a charge on my account fot, but I didn't have a card on my wal Mart online account. It came from my Sams Club online account.

Just got a WALMART.COM charge for 107.35 for a rice cooker that someone charged on my account. The item was to be shipped to a store in LA somewhere (I live in Idaho). That's what threw a flag with my bank and they cancelled my debit card. The charge was made over the weekend and was posted to my account on 1/13. Walmart seems to have all the delivery information so it should be easy enough for them to track down the perps.

Same here. Every time I had to cancel my account of credit and the bank will give me a new one. but the issue is still there, do not know what's going on who from Walmart online did this things to us even if I do not have account on Walmart, I deleted my account already. Today is my 5th time to cancel my card. I had enough, if bank can not protect our account , then I was thinking cancel all visa credit cards.

This charge can also show up on your bank statement a week after you pick up items at the store that you ordered online. Why it takes a week to post to your account doesn't make sense.

I never use my debit card for purchases yet was charged for 2 purchases for a total of $203.86 at this Walmart. If this has been going on for so long, why haven't the authorities done something.

Same here. Charge of $50 today at Walmart in Bentonville, AR. My cc informed me and are closing my account. But they also charged on other online retailers that i never heard of. How did they get my cc #?

This is a scam from a compromised account. DO NOT CALL THE PHONE NUMBER 8009666546 (it was listed in my text alert), they will ask for your full credit card number in order to help. They have access to your Walmart account and are pretending to be the company. Never give your credit card number in full unless making an legitimate phone purchase.

I just noticed a $129 charge on my account from I immediately called my bank and cancelled the card. I then contacted Walmart using the 18009666546 number but stopped in my tracks when I Googled Wal-mart customer service and saw a different number come up. I was about to give my debit card information when I decided not to and call the Walmart Customer Service number at 1-800-925-6278. I spoke with a rep that gave me intel that someone ordered 5 airbed mattresses. I got the address and email of where it is going and it is some shipping company in Sacramento where they used my name as an email address and billed the charges to me. I stopped shipment on the order, asked that my credit card info be removed from the website, and got the tracking of the package. They're about to get a rude awakening phone call and email from me. You picked the wrong person to mess with!

I placed on online order with in April 2015. On 5/11/2015, my card has an unauthorized charge $51.50 as stated below. I removed all information from my account, plus changed the password. I will be canceling this account and will pursue Walmart for not protecting my online debit card information.


I was shocked to see a debit to my recent visa statement for $75.93 against WALMART.COM 8009666546. My card was charged in August 2013.I have called my credit card company to dispute the charges and have also requested Walmart to cancel the order. But I do not know if I will be able to get the amount back. Can someone help on what else can be done by me? Also, at what number can I speak to Walmart customer care representative?

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The thief took $64.15 CAD off of my credit card, it was more than $50.00 USD. I've never bought anything from the US on the internet, and they still got me. My credit card company said they would put it on hold for 4-6 weeks for investigation, and I don't have to pay for it. I hope this would end soon.

my new card that has not been delivered yet was charged

I got nailed for 603.06 today when someone purchased 2 items on my account. contacted them first thing was told the orders were cancelled yet just received emails that the items were shipped called walmart back was told that there is nothing they can do its a holiday fedex is closed items did not ship they can stop them. was told deal with my bank. I have contacted every news agency in my area about this.

Same thing happened to me yesterday. $243.41 from Bentonville, AR. Calling once their offices open in 10 minutes!

I got hit today, but only for $22, which makes me feel lucky. But I am still angry and concerned about how they got the card number! I have not shopped on walmart with this particular card, nor have I stored it in my walmart acc! This is wierd. Luckily I saw the charges on time and called chase. They reversed the transaction immediately and even credit that amount back right away! I hope walmart will be made to pay for this, because reading all the comments above, it looks like walmart's utter negligence which is causing all this. I have asked Chase to send me report on the investigation.

My son got a $216.66 charge on his debit card on 8/17/18 called our bank and they credited his account. He just found the charge again the bank said it was legit after all, which it wasnt. I called 18009686546 # she told me it was sent to our address which is why we cant prove it was fraud she said it was an air conditioner. My son didnt order this not did we receive an air conditioner. Doesnt make any sense but i'm thinking inside job, used my son's card and just took the A/C because nothing was ever delivered here. this is crazy

amount of $549.25 at walmart dot com 800-9666546, in BENTONVILLE, arkansas on or around 8:53PM. --This is the information I got from my bank Chase. I really appreciate this! I lost my card this afternoon around 4pm. Then just in 8pm, there is some one misuse my account information. I am currently in Indiana.

I had 2 charges for as 800-966-6546 ar . One for $53.71 and one for 32.09. I am disputing these charges.

On 5/15/2013 I was falsely charged for a order in the amount of $171.98. I never placed this order nor have I received any merchandise. When I and my credit card Agent Sarah contacted 6/20/13( the first I was notified of these charges on my credit card statement), we were told a 2nd account was started in my name with a different email address and items were shipped to some place in Alameda, California. This person would not tell me what items were order due to privacy concerns? I have done business with since 2001 and paid all amounts in full. There is no record of this order in my history because I didn't order or receive this order and I know no one in California. The 5/15/13 transaction# is:08009666546 AR. I have filed a complaint with the Federal Consumer Protection Agency, my credit card, I think ALL people who have had their accounts breached should file a Federal Consumer Protection Agency complaint at: as this is a HUGE crime to all of us!!!

I was looking this number 18009666564 as it appeared on my caller ID. I noticed people were saying it's a "Walmart customer service" #. Upon answering, a Male with a foriegn accent came online and identified himself as a representative from "Homeshield". You requested information for a work from home business program. The program we have to offer is called "Legal Shield". Now Jeremy, would you still be interested in information where you can work from home? (Does not sound like "Walmart Customer Service" to me). I politely said no thank you! The human on the other side hung up.

As of 2am my card was apparently compromised of $98 while I was sleeping... Apparently it's still happening even in 2019 and yes I HAD the Walmart app

I live in KY. Someone in CA hacked my account and purchased a wallet for $27 using my VISA card info stored on Walmart's servers. U.S. Bank acts like I'm lying about the dispute so I don't if I'll get my money back or not. I hate Walmart.

This morning I noticed a $9.14 charge pending to my debit card. I had not ordered from recently so I called the Walmart customer service line (calling the number provided with my fraudulent charge seemed fishy, but it does match the number on the Walmart website.) When talking with the CSR, I was told since it was not an order made from my Walmart account (which automatically saves your card information upon ordering - and I have since deleted and changed my password as extra precaution), but is a charge directly to my card, they asked for me to provide my card number to them to research the charge. SERIOUSLY?! I'm calling about fraud and you want me to give out my card number over the phone? Absolutely not! $9.14 is not going to make or break me, but I wanted to nip this in the bud before more/bigger charges were possibly made. So I ended up calling my bank, reporting it and handling it through them instead.

Someone is using my Billmelater account. I have not used this account in over a year....

we got hit. 106 bucks 08009666546 AR same id code on others. cancelling and reissuing bank cards. dirty SOB's.

I just got the same charge a few days ago and just noticed it on my bank statement. This is the second time this EXACT charge (different value) has shown up on my account, once from several months ago. The first time the bank and MC caught it. Not this time. I don't hardly shop at Walmart, so I'm really confused. Exactly 200 dollars. Most i've ever spent there is about 50.

Got charged on a cc for $270 on September 19,2013. WALMART.COM 08009666546 AR. Walmart needs to hire new IT personnel.

OMG! The number of claims is ridiculous!!! I was just taken for $965.00 and some scumbag walked away with a new scanner/fax machine at Walmart. Cards been cancelled and fortunately I have protection, but the fact that this is happening to so many people so frequently is insane. What more ridiculous is the lack of effort to do anything about it? Karma is a bitch and I can't wait until these low lives get theirs.

Got hit $184, this is outrageous. Messed up all my automatic monthly payments & made me completely lose faith in Walmart/humanity. Something needs to be done

Received 3 charges for $169 today -- all fraudulent. I do not have my banking information stored online, nor did I ever use this card (since it is new) online to make a purchase at I called Walmart customer service at the number provided on this site and was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Walmart system flagged that this charge as potentially fraudulent (information didn't match up with my own actual information) and cancelled all 3 orders. I was told my account charges would be reversed. The perp name was Free Kelly (original right?) and the order was being sent to Brooklyn, NY -- not where I live!

I got the same charge just today. Luckily I just happened to check my account moments after the fraudulent purchase was made. Immediately called my bank and canceled my debit card then called the 800 number listed on the charge. They asked for the last 4 digits of my card, expiration, and the amount of the charge with which they located the purchase and placed a 'stop shipment' on the order. They also passed my contact info on to their investigative services. Let's hope that whoever is taking yours and my hard earned money gets what's coming to them. And don't lose faith in humanity, not every one of us wears an ass for a hat.

Just a heads up, I just recieved this charge and was suspicious at first too, but it seems that this is the label for local pickup orders.

If you didn't use walmart pickup, then it's fraud, but if you did, well that's what it is..

I was also hit with a $746.86 charge to WALMART.COM - 08009666546, BENTONVILLE ARUS. Filed a report with the Bentonville PD Investigations division. Had my card canceled also. Luckily, I caught it one day after the transaction. I don't even buy from Walmart, and do not live in Arkansas.

Billed for something I never ordered, 2 phone cards that were delivered to someone else via email. I called Walmart who refused to refund me and recommended I dispute the charges. I have disputed the charges with my bank. This was a security issue, and they assume no responsibility. To H3LL with Walmart.

Just like everyone else, unknown charge. We noticed a charge (pending) to for $320. I contacted my bank, canceled my card. I then contacted Customer Service at It took awhile, but the fraudulent charge was discovered. The Customer Service Representative cancelled the order, and flagged the individual ripping us off. I contacted my bank, updated them. If the charge is made, they will press charges against this individual. This is one of the main reasons I use my credit card instead of my debit card when shopping. We were lucky. Anybody reading this, most likely got a fraudulent charge. Hopefully your charge is pending, regardless, contact your bank & Record the date you noticed the charge, and when you contacted Walmart. Best of luck!

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