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I Have A Charge Of 5.50 For Something I Did Not BuyAMAZON DIGIT*2R9NB1CQOAMZN.COM/BILLWANQU9AXHV1P3

I want to cancel my Bill payment in the amount of $14.03. If it is not removed from my bank account I will call my and have it cancelled.

$61 charge of unknown origin. FRAUD

I was charged: 104.91 on 7/08 twice, and 117.54, on 7/08, and 122.87 on 7/09, and 148.39 on 7/11. Are these accurate charges? Please respond, and verify.

I was also charged $91.00 from my card but it don't say what it is for. Somebody is making a living from stealing money off people's cards

I believe this $84.79 is a FRUAD Charge to My Card and have No way of Finding out what this is at all. No Phone Number. But its on My monthly Statement,, GOOD Old AMAZON strikes again

charges cumming out of my bank that has not got permission to do so

I ordered a book and now the account manager at the credit card company told me that somehow I unknowingly became a member of Amazon Prime. I cancelled it today. But there is a charge of 13.81 to my credit card account with a reference ID of 74J8XN2AXWS. Over nine years ago I used to order books all the time and no such thing happened. Why isn't there a customer service number to call to clear up this issue.

I order some mask on 8/27/21 from amazon trying to get a receipt or invoice for this order. There was two orders 47.51 KN95 mask and 38.85 Disposable Protective Mask.


Someone or something stole 200 from me and I was depending on that money smh

new credit card info

Received AccuMed Blood Pressure Monitor (wrist) with no supportive Amazon or manufacturer's documentation in shipping container. Unit not providing reliable (realistic) readings. Need to upgrade to better model and return this unit. Please provide instructions how to proceed!!!!!!

the same thing happen to me, bill/WA made a purchased wt ma card. and this was on the 2-20-13

change credit card info

Can you help? What is this charge?

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